Monday, June 3, 2013

TWO!! Hand Written Letters In One Day!

Letter # 1

May 19, 2013

Dear Fam!!

How is everything back at home? How is family?  How are my pugbies?  Work?  Exercise?  Tell me all about it!!
Just writing you to let you know that I was just called as the district leader in my district.  I'm pretty  excited and I know this will be an awesome experience!  The President of our Branch called me in and called me to the position early this morning.  He told me a lot of good things and said he was praying about it for a while.  No boasting, but he said that the other Elders just like to do whatever I want to do, and that was a blessing, but it could also be a curse.  So he said that I need to be really diligent in working hard!!
So if you guys wouldn't mind, will you pray for Elders.......?  That would be great!
Also, I was feeling sick so my companion and a bunch of Elders I have gotten closest to gave me a blessing, it was awesome!!  
Anyway, the food here is old, and it's lights out!  Love you guys!!

<3/ Elder Anderson
PS Yeah, I sang hahaha!  It was awesome!  I will tell you about it soon!
PPS. How did Kowhai's thing go?

Letter #2

Dear Momma, Dad and Chubs,

Hows it going?  I love you guys.  Thank you for everything you are sending me.  I'm sharing a lot of it and everyone says thank you!!

This week thus far has been so good!!  I am learning a ton!!  I go running 3 times a week and I am playing basketball 5 times, so I actually am loosing weight!!  (I asked him if he was getting fat yet)  Haha.  How is that coming for you dad?  How is the Ward and Stake?  I keep seeing a bunch of kids from Bingham here.  That's pretty cool!!
How is working out Momma?  How is work Dad?  KOWHAI!!  CONGRATS ON MAKING SCO!! YOU ARE AWESOME!  SO PROUD OF YOU!!  What are your duties? (said in a Nacho accent)?  You will do an amazing job.  I know it!
The MTC is great.  Made tons of friends! I am learning a ton.  In personal study I am studying a lot about humility.  I think that is really important for me to learn while I am out here!  How is Kyrstin?  I miss her. Haha!
So I was wondering if you guys could send.....

I love you guys!!  Thank you so much for everything!!

<3/ Elder Anderson!
PS Enclosed is a letter I got after being called as DL.  You can put it in my booklet!

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