Monday, August 25, 2014

Mission Führung‏

"Mission Tour" 

Dear Loved Ones,

This was a fantastic week in the Frankfurt Germany Mission. Highlight of my week was waking up at 4:30 to catch a train to Düsseldorf for our Mission Tour Conference with Elder Patrick Kearon of the First Quorum of the 70. Before the meeting all of the Zone Leaders from Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Wiesbaden/Mainz got to meet with him for a little bit. It was so cool and there was such an awesome spirit as he thanked us all for our service. He told us our most important job is to Love. Love the people we serve and teach. Love the missionaries that we serve. Just love. 
He also told us Präsident Monson himself said that he loves us and that he was told specifically to tell us that. 
Elder Kearon is the MAN! He is so cool. He is from London England and he was such an example for me. He is so strong in the gospel, but as he was teaching us he was himself. He was laughing and making jokes. 
I love the church, but something that has always been a little tough for me was the self righteousness that can sometimes surface. Ya know what I’m saying? The times when people think that to be spiritual you have to be stern and stone faced. 
Elder Kearon preached so hard about just being yourself. He said if you are following the commandments of God and you love other people, then you are in a good place. It was funny too, he said being obedient is such an important thing in the eternities. He said, "Be obedient! But please don’t be one of those annoying naggy obedient people." 
He also dropped a few jokes in British humor. (You know what I’m talking about) haha. It was so funny to look around as he made some of his jokes! 

He also talked a lot about attacking your day. He talked about how every single moment of every day is a gift from God. He encouraged us to be happy. Enjoy life. Focus on the good and give our all in all that we do! 
Aghh, such a funny and seriously spiritually uplifting day and week it was. 

The mess in the AP van!
And then afterwards, haha, some missionaries in the Zone made a mess in the back of the AP van. It was pretty funny. They missed their train and so the hopped in the van because the APs were going to drive them to the next station so they could catch it. So when they hopped in the van they accidentally sat on these massive jars of salad dressing which exploded everywhere. It’s one of those things where you had to be there. So funny. I’ll include a pic of me in front of the van. 

Later on in the week we had another MLC in Offenbach. Elder Kearon also attended that. It was awesome to learn from him again and to see all my homies from across the mission! 

Präsident Stoddard also talked a lot at our MLC. The spirit was so strong when he spoke. He told us that his father had just died the day before. And he bore testimony on families and the eternities. It really made me think about how much I love you guys. Thank you so much for everything that you do. You people are my best friends in the Universe. I mean it! I am so happy that I get to spend an eternity with YOU! 

Really cool thing happened on Sunday. A man named Herr Schneider came to church in the middle of Sacrament. We had never met him before. He asked us to pray with him for a friend of his that had just passed away. He said He believed in God but didn’t know where to look. He felt like after his friend passed away he should come and visit our church and find someone to pray with him! We are going to be meeting him again this week! Pray for him! Also, Bianca is doing well. We are still trying to find people that can translate Romanian for us so that we can communicate more clearly. 

I am so happy. Life is great. I’m loving it! Thanks for all that you do! 


Elder Nikora Philip Anderson 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Eine Besonderes Gelegenheit‏

 Me jumping in the air whacking Elder Melanson during the stress relief exercise! 
"A special opportunity"

Elder Melanson hitting me for the stress thing .
Oh man, I wish you could have been there it was so funny. 
Well this week was seriously a blast. We started out this week going to Koblenz for Zone Training. (You need to look up pics of Koblenz. BEAUTIFUL city.) I would say that ZT was a success. We had a ton of fun with it. I gave a thame (talk/lesson thing) on finding joy in the journey. I learned a ton about it. I used a talk from Elder Nelson as the basis for my thame. In the talk he talks about the importance of joy and how in order to obtain joy we need to have a good relationship with God, ourselves and the people around us. After that, Elder Renn gave a thame on stress relief. It was awesome. Literally he had us rolling on the ground with laughter. I’ll send some pics to explain a little. After Zone training we all went and changed into sports clothes. Since Koblenz is a big University town, we went and did some Sport Tracting with the entire zone. We had a good time and I found this guy named Rafael! It was a success. 
Some of the Zone in Koblenz after missing the train. 
After Zone training all the missionaries had to leave. There was a little confusion and we missed our train and so we just got to sit around Koblenz for a few hours and enjoyed one another’s company! 
I love our zone. We have so many solid missionaries here. We work hard and we have fun. 

So later on in the week we had a feeling that we should go by Bianca’s place because we hadn’t met with her for a little bit. We went over and she was home from the Hospital after being there for a very long time. We offered her a blessing of comfort and she accepted. It was awesome, the spirit that was there as we gave her a blessing. She felt the spirit too and got a little emotional. 
After giving her a blessing she told us about her newborn baby. She said he was still in the ICU and he would be there for 2 months. She said that he was staying in Mannheim and asked us if we would be willing to go there and give her son a blessing. We told her we would ask President Stodard and if he gave us the OK we would go. So we called , asked for permission and he said, “yes of course.” So the next morning we left for Mannheim. 
When we got there the family was all there and greeted us with warm hearts and open arms. It was really a cool experience. When the time for the blessing came around, we found out that only one person would be able to go back into the ICU to give the baby a blessing. So I went back and they had me wear a mask and got sanitized. I was able to give this little baby a blessing and it was seriously one of the coolest moments of my mission. Just feeling the love that Heavenly Father has for this baby was amazing. And also it just made me think about the miracle of human life. It was just an amazing opportunity that I had, to bless the baby. 

So yeah all in all this was an amazing week. Had a ton of fun with the missionaries in the Zone and then had a really spiritual experience!  

Thank you guys for your emails. They make my week. Also thank you guys for sending me your testimonies. You guys are all so amazing. I have the best family in the world. I love you! 


Elder Anderson  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Iron Man!

Iron Man! 

This week was a fun week in Wiesbaden. They had this huge Iron Man race here. The Marathon Runners ran right by our house so I got to see a bunch of people running their race! It made me a little nastolgic! Haha, It just brought back memories of watching you guys run your races! It also made me want to go for a run. But the problem there is that there really isn’t enough time to run on the mission. Haha.

We had a really cool experience this last week. We had lost contact with our Romanian Investigator for a little bit because she was rushed into the hospital to get a C section. So after not seeing her for a little bit we had the feeling to just go to a random Hospital and see if we could do some service there. We go there, walk in the front door and guess who we see?! Bianca, our investigator! It was a cool experience!  

This last week we went and played soccer with a big group of people on the American base called Clay Kastern. It was a really good time. 

The area is doing really well and I am still just loving life! Thank you guys for your continual support. You are all amazing! I love you all. 

Sorry this week is a little bit shorter, but I gotta go! 

Love you, 

Elder Anderson

Monday, August 4, 2014


First pic is Elder McGinn and I at the temple.
(Elder McGinn was Nik's Trainer when he first arrived in Germany)


This week was beautiful. Not only was the weather beautiful, but man, I had an absolute blast this week. It was super busy and full of good times. 

So we went to the temple this last week which was awesome. I haven’t been since my first cycle in Solingen. It’s been seriously nearly a year! I’m super thankful though, there are missionaries in the world that probably never get the chance to go to the temple. 

The session itself was awesome. The spirit that you feel in the temple is amazing, I love it. It is so peaceful in there and it is an amazing place to just meditate and ponder. It’s nice to just be able to pull away from everything and focus on what really matters. 

So, cool story, we went with our District to the temple. We get there and go into the dressing room and guess who's there?! The Frankfurt Missionaries! It was way solid seeing Elder McGinn and Elder Emery at the temple. We took some mission family pictures! 
Our District at the temple.

Elders Kitchen and Lovelace.
So while we were at the temple, we found out that we were needed at transfers the very next day at like 7 in the morning to pick up the new Goldens and take them out. Haha, we had no idea that was the plan because no one had let us know. So we canceled all of our stuff for the next 3 days and packed up and went to Frankfurt for the night. I slept over at Elder McGinn, Elder Kitchen and Elder Lovelace's place. (They were serving as a Drit companionship). I didnt really know Kitchen or Lovelace beforehand, but they are awesome guys! Love them. 

So for the Next couple of days we drove the transporter around picking up luggage and Goldens and going on Finding splits with them. It was awesome, I was on a split with a Golden named Elder Taylor. We were on the Füß in Frankfurt just contacting people. After getting rejected a few times we went up to this Group of guys and started talking … 5 minutes later we handed out 5 Books of Mormon to all of them!! It was so cool, Goldens are awesome and the excitement they bring is a game changer. 

It sounds like you guys had a blast in Yellow Stone! I wanna go there after my mission. Haha, Dad, your beard is awesome. You should come and pick me up with one! Haha, Everyone thinks it’s way cool. And Mamma and Dad, You guys are looking pretty good!! Keep doing whatever you guys are doing. And Kowhai, how are you doing?! Been on any dates? Are you excited for this up and coming school year? I have the best family in the world. I love you guys so much!! Thank you for everything! 

Bis nächste woche!! 

Love Elder Anderson!