Monday, February 23, 2015

Es rieslet im Gemäuer‏

Playing some soccer with other Elders in the Zone!
"It trickles in the walls"
"The beginning of the End" ...Idiomatic phrase. 

Servus Euch! 

Here I go, the last six weeks of the mission! Crazy stuff. As I predicted earlier, Elder Kenley and I will be staying together here in Jena. I’m super happy about that. Jena is such a great city, good place to finish up. And I’m stoked that I get to stay the full 12 weeks with my Golden Elder Kenley, he is a stud. We get along really well! 

So this week we had time to find. A lot of time. Its kinda rough because everyone here is a Uni student and all the finals were going on the last couple of weeks. So that made it kinda hard to get into contact with people because they were all studying up for finals and they had no time to meet with us. Finals should be done and finished sometime this week! FINALLY! And the work should really pick up then! 

This week we were going back to our apartment to eat lunch. We live on the 9th floor, so we hopped in the elevator. At about the 5th floor, it just broke and stopped moving. We were stuck in there for a little over an hour. It’s a small elevator. Made for a really great memory though, haha. The workers pried the door open then we had to climb out on a ladder. You should have been there, it was hilarious. 

We are still in contact with Priscilla. She was in Switzerland this week, so we weren’t able to meet, but we should be seeing her this week! She also said that she would come to church! I’m really excited for that. 

Thank you guys for your emails and your thoughts, prayers and love! You are amazing! I love you guys. 

Elder Anderson.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Letzte Woche in dieser Versetzung‏

More spinny fun.
The Crew!
"Last week in this Transfer!"


Wow, time is flying by. Can you believe that a week from today I will already be starting my last transfer? This has been a great transfer and things are really rolling out nicely here in Jena.
Trying to stay balanced on
this spinny thing in the city

If I was a betting man, I would bet 110% is the likelihood of staying another one with Elder Kenley. I’m really stoked for it. He is an awesome missionary and we have tons of fun together.

Elders Kenley and Noorda. 
So 5 weeks later! Here we are the last week of the transfer. I’ve learned a ton this last transfer. And we are really getting into the swing of things here in Jena. It’s such a cool city to work in and it reminds me a ton of my First area, Erlangen. With the big University here, it has the same atmosphere. I love it!

So this week we spent a bit of time finding, and on Saturday, Valentines day, we went out and handed out a ton of valentines day cards. It was so funny and it was actually successful!
We stayed up for a long time the night before just cutting out 100s  of hearts. The next morning we just woke up, finished the cards and went and hit it. Just letting everyone know that god Loves them. What made it even  better was Elder Noorda on the guitar playing some suave jams! Hahahaha!
One of our many Valentines.
It reads, "No love? False, God loves you!"
and then it has our contact info on the back.
Haha, so good. 

Man the work is going well. Keep the prayers coming our way, we really appreciate them. 

I love you guys! 

Elder Anderson

Giving our buddy Jon a heart.

Monday, February 9, 2015


Us at English Class!

 Hello, hey, hi. I hope that you guys had a fantastic week. We here in Jena sure did.
 Lets see. So I’ll go through some highlights.
 We spent a ton of hours doing doors this week. That was really exciting, We always meet interesting people doing doors and we always walk away with an awesome story or two.
This week we found 3 people just going door to door and student whonheims! It was really good. It is always a confidence boost to find new people. Elder Kenley is doing an awesome job as well. He is, as you well know, very new on the mission. But he goes hard and is doing a really really good job. Love working with him. We have lots of fun and laugh a ton. Laughing is good for you.
 So this week. Funny Story. We were going to do doors in an area that we have been pretty often. We tried to get into this one building but realized that it was locked. We just sorta kicked the ground and thought dang it. How do we get in?! When boom, I had a great idea. We had been in the building right next to it and we saw that there were fire escapes leading into the building that we needed to get to. So We walk over to the other building, this sassy college chick (that we have seen before, she doesn’t like us) stops us and tells us that going and knocking on peoples doors is illegal. (It’s not) And she gets all grumpy and we are just like what ever. So we just walk on in and go through the fire escape into the next building. And start doing doors. Long story short, we look outside, the cops show up and we casually walk out the back door of the building to go home, haha. Great times.
 We also had a way fun English class with Gustavo (a recent convert) and our friends Leila and Nina. We played charades to help them learn English words, I was rolling around laughing, some of the stuff was so funny. I have been so blessed to walk into an area and make so many great friends so quickly.
 Also, this week we had an appointment with this girl named Priscilla. She is from Brazil and is here studying German. We brought along Gustavo (the new member that was baptized by Elder Hawker about a month ago!) And it was such a great experience, at the end she prayed and thanked god for sending us and she said that we were an answer to her prayers because she has been feeling kinda lonely here on the other side of the world with no friends or family. We testified that when  we have the holy ghost, we never need to feel alone. Seriously, just one of those things where you had to be there. It was really powerful!
 Well, that was my week! I love you guys! Thank you for everything! Dad, I’m way happy that you had such a good  Birthday week! Keep the prayers coming!
 I love you guys!

Elder Nikora Philip Anderson

Monday, February 2, 2015

Alles Geht Zur Zeit Gut!‏

"Everything is going good"


Man, sorry that this one will be a little shorter.. I don’t have that much time and I was writing this girl who finishes up her mission in Chile this up and coming week, haha.

I love you guys a ton. Thank you all so much for all of the great e-mails this week. It has been such a blessing to get on every week of my mission and see that you guys have written to me.

So this week was another amazing one. We saw a ton of success and we found 5 new Investigators again! The work cannot be stopped! So miracle of the week:

Elder Kenley and I were in the Church about 2 hours after the meetings, just making some English class Flyers. Then all of a sudden we hear a voice in the hall. It was the voice of a Herr Mario. He and his kids are new to the area and so they decided to come and visit the church. To really understand why this is so cool, you gotta know that our church is located in a rented out office space and that it is up a floor. So its really not just a big church building. So yeah, Long story short. We met with Mario and talked for 20 min and then made out a new termin! Super stoked!

Life is great and the work is going awesome!  I gotta get headin. But  I love you all so much!

Bis Nächste woche !


Elder Anderson

PS you will get pics next week!

Elder Nik didn't send pictures this week.  Probably because he took the time to write an extra meaningful email to his particular friend in Chile. BUT  I was able to snag this one off of Facebook today.  I just had to blur out a little bit of the graffiti on the wall.  Some words spray painted on walls just don't make the editorial cut for the blog.  Just sayin'.  The caption is what the mom posted with the picture.

Our son sent this picture today with this caption "So every Saturday we play soccer with a bunch of non members! This week we decided to invite two other sets of Elders (one from Jenna -Anderson and Kenley- and the other from Weimar-Robinett and Norda-) little did we know that Germans don't like to play in the snow... But we are American and do crazy fun things, so we played anyway and had a blast!" - Elder Bezzant