Monday, June 30, 2014

Tschüß Präsident Schwartz‏

"Bye President Schwartz"


Ahhh, the weather has been getting nice and warm. My favorite. 

So this last week was a pretty eventful week. We had the good bye Zone Conference for Präsident Schwartz. He is such a good man. He blessed this mission so much, and he helped us all grow so much. At the end of the Zone Conference we all stood and sang "Gott Sei mit Euch" (God Be With You Till We Meet Again) There was not a single dry eye in the room. He is such a great guy, him and his wife are saints. 

We handed out a bunch of Book of Mormons this week. So that was great. It’s been fun serving with a German and learning even better German! Elder Schmidt and I get along really well and I am having so much fun in my new area. It’s still kinda new and I’m trying to get used to everything, but it’s great. Give me a few more weeks and it will be like home! 

This week is going to be really really busy. So I’m just going to relax today cause its the only time that I’ll have this week! Coming up this week is: 2 splits (one with a Golden) and then a welcome Präs Stoddard ZoCo, and then my first MLC (Mission Leadership Council). 

Lots to do and lots to prep for! 

Ohh, this week I got to use the baseball mitts!! It was way fun, we had a Joint ward activity with the Military ward and we went and taught all the Germans how to play baseball! Super solid. 

I love you guys soo much! Thank you for everything!! 


Elder Anderson 

PS. I’ll try and get some pics of Elder Schmidt and the Zone. I forgot my camera today! 

Monday, June 23, 2014



This week has been a very interesting week. I’m loving it. But my life just got flipped all around. I was in Aachen for just 6 weeks training Elder Brande and then in the blink of an eye I’m out and on to my next area. 

So Wiesbaden. First day of the transfer.. I got to Frankfurt Hbf and then after that I found out that Elder Schmidt and I had to take this huge transporter full of Leavers luggage to the Hotel in Langen. It was pretty crazy moving this big moving van through the narrow German streets, but it made for a good time. After that we took Luggage to Mainz und Wiesbaden and then returned the Moving Van to Frankfurt and then headed out right back to Wiesbaden on a train. 

I’m really liking the area. It takes a while to get used to an area, but I’m really loving it here. Wiesbaden is soooo nice. Like literally it is like the Hamptons or Bel Air out here. We will definitely need to come back here to check things out.

People are going pretty crazy with the World Cup out here. America is doing pretty well! Guess who America is playing next week?? Deutschland!! I love Germany and I love the people here. But I’m still an American boy. So I am realllllly excited for the Game on Thursday, America needs a tie or a win to move on! Präs Schwartz gave us permission to watch the game, So Thursday night I’ll be watching that game. My invitation for you guys this week is to watch the America vs. Germany game. 

Ohhh, this week I saw the Titzes at a combined Stake Conference. They are doing well, it was great to see them. Big news, the Frankfurt and Heidelburg Stakes got split. I am now in the Friedrichsdorf Stake. Which means that our Zone boundaries are going to be new next cycle. Yay, Changes. It is so fun serving with Elder Schmidt. he is from Dresden, Germany. He has really good German. He is hilarious, I’m excited to work with him and the Zone. 

Also, Präs Schwartz goes home this Saturday and we get our new Mission Präsident.

 This is just a time of changes, growth and progression. Not gonna lie, I’m sorta stressed. There are just so many changes. Missionary work just got different. The Stakes just got changed which means a lot of change, I just got put in a new area. I have to be a really good example. I get to help prep for Zone Conferences now. Just lots of new stuff. But I’ll learn it quickly and it will be really good! God is keeping me on my toes

I’m really loving it here. I am having awesome experiences and learning so much. I’m learning who I am and what I am made of. I know that I am a child of God. 

Life is great!! I love you guys!! 

Love Elder Anderson!! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Elder Anderson, bist Du bereit für ein Abenteuer?‏

"Elder Anderson, are you ready for an adventure?”


So this last week we had  transfer calls.. Remember how I was 99% sure that I would be staying in Aachen to finish training Elder Brande. Nope, I got called and released as DL and Trainer in Aachen. Pretty crazy, wasn’t expecting that. Then he asked, "Elder Anderson, are you ready for an adventure?"...

So, sad as I was to be leaving, I did receive a new calling, which I am very excited for. I will be going down to an area called  Wiesbaden/Mainz which is right next to Frankfurt to serve as a  Zone Leader in the Wiesbaden Zone. My companion is a German and his name is Elder Schmidt. I’m really really excited to go down and work with him and everyone in the Zone! And my German is going to get so good now. 

So yeah, this Wednesday I will be going down to Wiesbaden! Crazy change, oder?!  I’m sad to be leaving all of the missionaries in the District, and I’m bummed I can’t finish training Brande. But I am sure I’ll have a blast in Wiesbaden with Schmidt. 

So this week, was insane. There was a point where in just a 24 hour time period I was in Aachen, Mönchengladbach,  Nuess, Düsseldorf, Duisberg, Krefeld, Köln, Solingen, Wuppertal, Bonn and Euskirchen. There was a good sized storm here that destroyed a bunch of trains and so to get to Düsseldorf for Zone Training we had to take the most absurd routes. Haha, it was crazy, but it was an adventure! 

Aachen did well this week and everyone was really surprised that I got to Spend only 6 weeks here. I got ghosted! (missionary slang for getting transferred out of an area after only 1 cycle there.) 

Oooh, this week I got to spray paint the Plan of Salvation with Elder Bruneel for a Street display! It was pretty fun, because we did in right in the middle of the city. And as people walked by they were like what are they doing?! But then we got to explain it all! 

I love you guys. Thanks for the continual support! I gotta go now, life is pretty crazy, I have a ton of stuff I gotta finish before I leave! I’m going to play some Fußball with the District before we all go our separate ways! 

I love all! Gott sei mit euch! 

- Elder Nikora Anderson 

Friday, June 13, 2014




Sorry about not being able to email you guys yesterday! Yesterday was Pentecost in Germany. And here its actually a national Holiday, so we had to move P-day to today.

Our DistrictKöln 
 So this last week was a pretty solid one. It was a little bit slower but it was OK. Just one of those weeks where we build stuff up and get ready for another bigger week.

So this week it was really pretty outside, so I decided to have our District meeting outside at a park in Köln, right next to the Rhine River. That was a ton of fun!

Its been getting nice and hot here. My favorite weather! So the short sleeve shirts have been broken out again!

Life is great. I’m happy and healthy! Transfer calls are this week and I am 99% sure that we will be staying together for another transfer!

Thank you guys so much for everything! I love you!!

- Elder Anderson

Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Servus!! So I don’t have much time to write this email. But I just wanted to tell you guys thank you so much for the prayers on my behalf. We have seen so much success this week. There were miracles just popping up left and right!

My new pet named Legolas.
 JK!! Dania tried to make us take him. I would but I'm not allowed. 
So this week, Elder Brande, just 4 weeks old on the mission, invited Dania to be baptized!! She accepted and we will be working with her for the 19th of July as her baptismal date. It was such an awesome experience. We invited her to the 19th of July and she said "YES! YES!" and then she tried to give us 200 euros and her dog.

Then also this week, we handed out 21 copies of the Book of Mormon! We just went hard on the streets and saw some crazy good success! But we were blessed to meet 21 different people who accepted the Book of Mormon and heard our testimonies. It was cool too. Learned a ton about hard work. because to get just 21 Books out.. We had to talk to and knock on doors of literally hundreds and hundreds of people. But yeah. It was a good week. Just to give it perspective, when someone gives out 10 in a week that is considered extremely good. So we were blessed. Got 5 appointments made out with these people and then we got contact information from all but 3 of them! So sweeeeeeet stuff.  Super Blessed.

We also got to do some service this week with a member named Mario. Really good guy. Then we gave the Sunday school Lesson in Church on the Book of Mormon, and why it is so important for us. Also, I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the first time in German this week! Can you see a common thread in my week this last week??


So yeah, things are going great. This area is treating me so well! I’m happy and healthy! (actually I am pretty healthy right now. No drinks other than milk and water. And I only eat sweets and fatty cheesy things on P day.)

This week was a good one. The Church is True and the Book is Blue.

Love you all!!


- Elder Nikora Philip Anderson