Monday, February 24, 2014

Heir Gehen Wir Wieder. Erfurt Nummer Zwei‏

"Here we go again. Erfurt number 2"

Here we are again, the beginning of a new cycle. A fresh start and a new outlook for Erfurt. I am really looking forward to this cycle and working again in Erfurt with my new comp, Elder Norman. Elder Norman is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He went into the MTC on May 1, 2013! The same day as me. He was in the same MTC zone too! He is a really nice kid and I am stoked to work with him.

This last week was a good one. Said good bye to Elder Gamble and then picked up Norman! Also we got a new sister, Sister Weber.  She was also in the MTC with us. It’s a city full of 7 cyclers! Sweet.

We met up and had an awesome correlation meeting with them this last week. This is a good group of missionaries, they are excited and really have some good vision. We are gonna rock it this transfer!

Also got to attend my first DL Rat (District Leader council) this last week. It was really good, got to talk about our zone and the direction we wanted to take it. It was nice getting to share my opinions about things and to get insights from these other awesome missionaries.

Me and Norman also got to sit down and plan out what we want to accomplish this next cycle. It was a good planning session. He is a really good guy and I know that he is going to help bless the area.
Man, the mission has been so amazing. I am learning so much. I am learning how to plan effectively and how to keep records and just so many other things like that. Missions are amazing. I am growing in so many ways and learning a ton on the way too!

We have got 4 investigator appointments set up for this week as well as multiple Less Actives and Active Appointments. This week is gonna be grand.

One of the coolest things this week though was District Conference. We watched a televised broadcast from the Church and it was just for German speaking countries.  Guess who spoke ... Elder David A Bednar! He spoke almost flawless German. It was really cool. He said he has been off of his mission for 41 years. I wanna make sure my German is like his in 40 years. It has been such a cool thing to learn, the German language is awesome.

Thank you guys also for your loving thoughts and kind words this last week. You guys are so cool! Haha, Dad I loved your joke. And I am glad you guys are getting to spend more time together now. (Elder Anderson is referring to Philip’s release from the YSA Bishopric.) I love you guys.

All in all, I am happy and life is good. Thank you for the prayers and support. I really feel it out here. I love you all!

Bis nächste woche!


Elder Nikora Anderson

Monday, February 17, 2014

Versetzung Nummer 7‏

Me and Elder Peterson. He was in Erlangen my first transfer
and now he is serving in Weimar in the same district!
"Transfer number 7"

Wow I am already in transfer number 7, time is flying by. This week was definitely a tougher week, but alles güte! Life is going to move forward and this next transfer is going to be great and me and my new comp are going to rock it out here in Erfurt!

Sooo, who is my new companion you might ask?? Drummm rolll .................. Elder Norman! He was in the MTC with me and now we get to serve together! I didn’t get to know him super well, but it will be fun to serve with him.  Hmmm, what else changed? This next transfer I will be spending quite a bit more time in the cities of Jena and Weimar. I got called this next transfer to serve as a District Leader, so I’ll get to check those places out on splits and what not. Super cool little cities. Look them up. I’m excited for this next transfer, we have such a solid District.

So this last week was Elder Gambles last full week! Aghh, he is leaving early this week to stay in Frankfurt and go through the temple one last time with Präsident Schwartz . He is an awesome dude and he has served well! It was a good six weeks together.

We had a pizza night this last week and we made pizza for the branch. It was really good and we had 35 people show up including 1 investigator! So things are definitely on the up and up for us here!

Its been a slower week, just cause Elder Gamble had a lot of things to take care of before he left, but that’s ok! This area is great and I love the ward and it will progress!!

Thank you guys for your words of support and everything. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Joy and Peace it brings to my life. I know that Jesus  Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and that through his atoning sacrifice we can all be cleansed and find true everlasting happiness. I love this church and the gospel because through it I can have an Eternal family. I love you guys and you mean the world to me. This last little while I have really been thinking about how amazing life really is, we really are here to have joy as it says in 2 Nephi. God loves each of us so much and he wants nothing but the best for each of his children. Sometimes people out here say, “Man, I wish people were nicer to us and that people accepted us more.” To that I say, “Yes, I really wish they were nicer to us and that more people accepted us.” But, a scripture that Elder Hathaway shared with our zone a couple weeks ago in Acts 5:41 says basically, that those that were being persecuted for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ were happy that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name! I also know that God allows tough things to happen to us because he knows that it will bless our lives and we will grow and learn so much through everything that we experience. I love this church and I know it is true!

This is going to be an amazing cycle.

I love you guys!

- Elder Nikora Anderson

Monday, February 10, 2014

Letze Woche‏

"Last week"

Wow, this transfer is almost done. Like The Passover and The Call (Frankfurt Mission Lingo) are this week . 

This transfer is going to be another really interesting one for me because no matter what I am getting a new companion. Like I have said before, Transfer week is awesome, there is just change in the air, and in the life of a missionary, a little change to spice things up is usually welcome.

I am really enjoying Erfurt, I am learning a ton and I am really excited for the progress and the work that will take place here next cycle.  Its been good working with Elder Gamble, he is a really good guy.

Also, sorry I don’t have any pictures this week! I keep forgetting my camera cord to download them to the computer!! Aghhh!

So this last week I was in Nordhausen on a Split, and I ate the best Pizza I have ever eaten. One day we all have to go to this place and eat the pizza. Super good.

Marcel wasn’t able to meet this last week because he is busy prepping for his tests. So hopefully this week we will be able to snag him and share some more gospel truth!

To be 100 percent honest, nothing really happened this week. It was a little bit slower , but hey, it happens sometimes! I’m still super stoked to be in this awesome area and help it out the best that I can!

Sorry this weekly letter is a little bit shorter, but I gotta go and catch a train to Jena, our whole Zone is getting together to go bowling :) yay fun!

But keep the prayers coming guys, and thank you all for everything that you do. Seriously, you guys are the best! Being on the opposite side of the world from the people that I love the most has really opened up my eyes and helped me to see how much you guys really mean to me!!

Gotta go now!

I love you all!

-Elder Nikora Philip Anderson

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mensch! Diese Versetzung ist fast fertig!‏ - and - Happy Birthday Dad!

Man! This Transfer is almost done!

Can you believe how fast time goes sometimes? It is already the 5th week of this transfer. I have been with Elder Gamble in Erfurt already over a month.

But my time in the former DDR (Deutsche Demokratik Republik or East Germany) has been treating me pretty good. It really is a pretty city. My prettiest yet. I like this city it is the biggest city that I have served in thus far, so there are lots of things that I can do.
The Zweig (branch) here is doing pretty good. It could use some growth. But that is why we are here! It is a really cool opportunity to be in a branch this small because there is so much room for growth and improvement. It really does feel as if you are starting from scratch. I am excited to just go all out in this area and try my best to make a difference.
I feel good here. I really feel like I am needed here and that the Lord wants me here. It is definitely tougher than my other 2 areas, but it will help me grow so much more into the future husband, father, son and brother that I am meant to be!

Ahh, also, I got my birthday package!! Thank you so much! I love my Manaia and I am wearing it actually right now as we speak. I never did get the poster board that you had people write on.

You all sound like you are doing awesome. Kowhai seems to be rockin’ it as an SBO and then Business for Dad seems to be going awesome and Mamma, I hope you are enjoying Crossfit and taking care of Dad and Kowhai. And Kyrstin, you are just blessin’ the lives of so many people down in Chile!! So proud of you all . And I just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support that you all continually give me!

So you wanted to hear about where I am living. Look up Markstrasse and Rathaus Platz in Erfurt. I live right there. It is beautiful. Ill send pics next week. I live in an old but really nice part of town in a really big renovated apartment. My living conditions are suppper luxurious. Haha, but really, for a missionary, I got it realllllly goooood :)

So last week. After I left emailing you guys we went to meet Marcel. We met again at the really nice restaurant and got pizza again. We talked about faith in God and sorta just got to know him a little bit better to see where we should try and take things next. I gotta take a pic of the Italian restaurant though. It is seriously one of the prettiest buildings here in Erfurt!

We have got some appointments made for later this week to meet with a ton of potentials. Pray that some of these people will become investigators and that they will progress! So with Marcel and these other people, I will be kept hopefully nice and busy. I really don’t mind going contacting. But I would much rather be sitting down and teaching people!

Speaking of Contacting, I was on a split with my zone leader Elder Richards from Jena. He was telling me about this new contacting method where you go up to some one and show them the Book of Mormon and ask them "Hi, do you know this book?" He asked this one girl and she just looked at him and was like, “Leave me alone! You have already asked me this question in Jena.” Haha. It was pretty funny! I learned a ton from our split though. 

All in all my week was really solid and I like the way that things are headed here. Keep the prayers coming though cause this place kinda needs a little miracle!

Well I gotta go, But I love you guys!! Bis nachste woche.


Elder Anderson

(I had to add the little birthday message he sent to his dad.  It's Phil's birthday this week.  Happy Birthday!)

Happy Birthday Dad. Thank you so much for everything that you do for me and the family. You are such a huge blessing to my life and I am so glad that we are good friends. I am praying for the family and the company daily! Have a fantastic Birthday!

I love you DAD!