Monday, September 29, 2014

Es hat sich aus gewirkt!‏

"It worked itself out!"

Well this week. We were going to church and we didn’t have anyone other than Paulo planning to show up! But guess what? Blanca called at the last minute and said that she wanted to come to church!! She and her brother and sister came! We were worried about her making no progress. But it worked itself out! Super happy abut that! So we had 4 investigators in church. 
AP Split!

I was on the AP split this last week with Elder McGinn. Really fun. Had a great time working with him for the duration of the split! We found a new Investigator together! His name is Thomas. He talked with him for like 30 min and then made out a new appointment. The return appointment later in the week went really well too. It was super powerful. I got to recite the 1st vision too him. That has become one of my favorite things to do as a missionary. The spirit is so strong when you share that with people. 

We also had some super solid lessons with Paulo and Blanca this week. I can feel the prayers. Keep them coming! I love you! Sorry I don’t have much time today, but it was a really really good week! 

Miracles are real. Don’t ever forget that!


- Elder Anderson

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ich hab ein auto bekommen. Hammer zeit.

More mission buddies! Elder Norman is there! 
" I got a car. Hammer Time." 

Pics from the mission conference.
We got a car this last week. Yay. Super excited for that. Our zone got a lot bigger and so Präsident Stoddard thought it would be good to get a car so we can get around easier. I also got myself a German drivers license!! Woooooo, Ill be driving. 

So this was just a wonderful week. I really enjoyed it. At the beginning of the week I got to go up to Koblenz to visit their DDM. I then stayed afterwards with Elder Renn on a split. Really good time. 

Next day, came back to Wiesbaden and just worked on a CCM report for our Stake Präsident and Präsident Stoddard. Lots of numbers. 

On Mittwoch we split with the Elders in Usingen. Elder Penrod came to Wiesbaden and I worked with him. He is also a really good guy. He is the DL is Usingen. We met with Blanca and had a pretty solid appointment. Talked about church attendance. Still trying to get her and the family to attend church. After that we helped the new older missionary couple get registered at the city offices. The Stevens are awesome. I really like missionary couples. They are a huge help to us. 

Also as we were doing some streets we ran into an American soldier and talked to him for a while. Really nice guy. He is getting deployed in a month so he asked us to pray for him. He also wants to take us to dinner.

The next day was pretty cool. We went to President Stoddards home for interviews and lunch. That was really really good. He is so awesome. We were eating apples and I asked him why I get a weird sensation when I eat apples (Mom insert - President Stoddard is a medical Dr). He peeled one and then had me eat it. Nothing happened. Präsident then informed me that I have a slight allergy to apple peels. Weird right? Never knew that, haha. My interview was also very good. President is a very good man. 

So yeah. That was my week. Really really good. Also we had a new investigator come to church. His name is Paulo. Pray for him. I’m really excited because a member invited him and we are going to teach him again tonight at the members home!

Thank you all for your emails this week. They were awesome. I love you all so much. 


Elder Nikora Anderson 

*Elder Anderson sent several pictures this week, but some of them couldn't be opened/downloaded.  These pics are from last week's Mission Conference.  Elder Nik forgot his camera so he asked fellow Missionaries to send him pics that he'd been in.  

Most of our MTC group. Love them. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ich hab ein Apostel des Herrn getroffen!‏

"I met an Apostle of the Lord!"

Super cool week guys. Super cool. But before I get into it. Mom, no worries, I got the email! Thank you so much! You are seriously the best. It made me feel so good seeing how much it means to you that I’m able to get an email from you! I got it. So no worries. :) 

So this week, the highlight was definitely being able to have a mission conference with Elder Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles! Every single missionary in the mission came to Frankfurt for the meeting. It was really nice to have a couple of hours beforehand and afterwards to see all my bros from around the mission. With the Older Couple Missionaries and everyone else, There were over 300 people in attendance! 

It was really powerful to hear from Elder Ballard. In the meeting he spoke about the importance of finding people. Really just talking to everyone that we can about the gospel! He also talked a ton about being ourselves. He told us to not underestimate ourselves and to be ourselves. He said that way we will be able to find people and teach people who are really prepared for us! Really amazing meeting. He also told us, "Elders and Sisters you are out here to help bring other people to Christ. But on top of that, you are here to learn how to lead the Lords church. "It was really just interesting to think that one day, when you are all old and what not, we will be the Young Men’s Leaders and the Bishops.

And then to make things cooler, for Stake Conference, Elder Ballard was there again! It was also an amazing meeting. He talked a ton about the importance of family. He said "The family is EVERYTHING! It is everything to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." It made me think about my mission and the blessing it has been not only for me but also my future family. I have learned so many things that will help me to be a better husband, father, son, and brother! It made me think also about you guys. I love you all so much! Thank you for everything! I am so happy that we can be together forever.  

The church is true! I love it and I love you!! 

Bis nächste Woche! 


Elder Anderson


Monday, September 8, 2014

Versetzung nummer 12‏

The pic below is us hiking to a member appointment! Super fun! 
"Transfer number 12" 

Hey loved ones! Transfer 12 out of 16 just started today. I’m really excited for it.  Can you believe how fast time goes by? I’m still super happy that I still have more than 6 moths left though. 6 months left for the Lord to shape me and teach me what I need to learn... actually..... as I was writing that I realized that yes my mission is an amazing part of my life and I have learned so much and will learn  so much, real life can and will be just as amazing. As I stay close to the gospel of Jesus Christ and pray continually and read the Holy books, I will continue to grow and learn my entire life. Progress is eternal. 

So this next transfer our zone got a little bit bigger. Our zone now consists of the following areas: Wiesbaden,  Koblenz, Wetzlar (where the Titzes live), Wetterau, Usingen, Friedrichsdorf, and Hannau!! I’m really excited to work with a bigger Zone and a ton of new faces. 

I will also be staying another transfer with Elder Schmidt, it will be a good transfer! I’m looking forward to it! 

I don’t have much time this week. I love you guys! 

Thank you all for everything!!  I love you. 

I love you 

Elder Anderson 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mensch. Die Zeit ist schon da!‏

"Man. The time is already here!" 

Servus Dear Loved Ones, 

Had another really solid week this week. I went on a split with Elder Stimpson, one of APs  in Frankfurt. It was a really good time. We saw some cool little miracles together and we had fun just talking to people on the street all day! While on the split we got to meet with one of the investigators they have there, it was a blast! It is an African family from Ghana and their children are named Pxxxx, Qxxxx, Pxxxx, and Kxxx Lxxxx. Such a sweet and down to earth family. I loved meeting with them. There is just a feeling you get when you meet with humble loving families. 

Also this week we met with and taught Blanca and her family. I’ve been saying Bianca for so long but its actually Blanca, Haha. Oops. But the appointment with her was awesome. Her and her family are so awesome and they have so much faith! The baby is also doing a lot better! 

We found out that next week Elder Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve will be coming to our mission for a Mission Conference next Friday the 12th. I am so excited for that ! What an awesome opportunity! 

And Man! The time is already here. Transfer week! Time is flying by so quickly. Another one is down! I am pretty sure that I will be staying here in Wiesbaden for another transfer. Elder Schmidt has been here for a long time, so he might be out. But we shall see, won’t we! Haha. 

Well, I love you guys so much! Thank you for everything! 

Elder Nikora Philip Anderson 

PS Kowhai is driving all by herself!? That is soooo sweet! 

Loves. Tschüß