Monday, May 26, 2014

Was für eine verrückte Woche!‏

"What a crazy week!"


So this week was an interesting one to say the least. I was in 5 major cities in the mission and Elder Brande was gone from Aachen almost the entire week with splits. We spent about 15 hours traveling on Buses and Trains. And we still managed to find 3 new investigators. So bear with me as I go through this crazy roller coaster of a week.

Montag... So, last week we got to just chill and relax in Aachen for P-day. We went through the Aachener Dom (Aachen Cathedral) that was built back 1200 years ago by Karl Der Große (King Charlemagne). It is a beautiful building and it actually has the throne where every King of Germany was crowned. Adolf and Napoleon Bonaparte also did their own personal "I am ruler of Europe" thing in this church. After that we went around just to check out our city. We went to the Fußgangerzone and to a few parks. Aachen is beautiful!! I am taking you guys to this city for sure. After P-day we went back so we could pack our bags for the craziness that lay in wait. We got a train out to Köln and then slept there for the night.

Deinstag... I woke up at 4:30am  and got ready to go to our Golden Trainer meeting in Offenbach. We were out the door by about 6:30 and got on our 2 hour 30 min bus ride to Frankfurt. The Golden Trainer meeting was an awesome experience. There were the 5 Trainers and our Goldens plus 30 or so potential Trainers. Our mission is supposed to be getting over 100 new missionaries by the end of September. But there was a special spirit in this meeting and I can honestly say that it was my favorite meeting that I have been to thus far. Maybe it was because Präsident Schwartz is leaving soon. But there was something special about the group gathered there that day. I’m gonna miss Präs. In the meeting we had a few awesome break out training sessions. I got to see my Trainer Elder McGinn. He was teaching a course on "Asking Inspired Questions". It was great to see him and catch up and have him talk with his mission Grandson for a bit! After the meeting we caught a train from Offenbach to Frankfurt where we rode our bus back to Köln. We got back late and so we slept in Köln again.

Mittwoche... Woke up early again and left Köln on a split with Elder Jack. We headed back to Aachen on a 2 hour train ride. Spoke to a nice man on the way there about families and France. Haha, It didn’t really go anywhere, but hopefully he will remember the pleasant run-in with the Mormonen. We had an appointment with a Herr Malms. Really nice man, going through a really rough patch in life. We had a really spiritual meeting with him where we just got to know him and bore powerful testimony about the Savior and his atonement. He broke down in tears at one point talking about how he could never receive forgiveness for what he has done and how sorry he was. He said all he wanted through out his life was Love and Acceptance, and that on the search for those things he went down the wrong road and messed up. What an amazing message that we are able to share with people. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s amazing. I’m so excited to work with Herr (Mr.) Malms and help him find the peace and love that he has been searching for.
After the appointment we had some time before we had to travel to Düsseldorf, so we went out and did some street contacting. We worked our way into a park and it was pretty empty. There was one lady sitting on a bench and so we went up to talk to her. She asked where we were from and what we were doing there. We gave her a Book of Mormon and basically said, that this is why we are here! We bore some testimony and she agreed to meet us later this week. After walking out of the park, we ran into a member who was having a really hard time. Aachen is a really big city and so when you run into members on the street it is a rarity. But we ran into him and just talked for 30 min until we had to go to Düsseldorf. But all this stuff got me thinking. How awesome is it, that the Lord put those people in our paths. Literally, if we hadn’t felt and decided to go to this little park we never would have seen the Lady and we never would have ran into the member having a hard time. The Lord is so much a part of your life as a missionary. What a blessing to serve him  and receive his guidance.
After that we went to Düsseldorf for our Zone Training. It was really good and it focused on working with members to hasten the work.
After that I saw my Golden, Elder Brande, gave him a hug and heard about him getting lost in Köln, alone for an hour. And then had to go on yet another Split. Elder Bruneel and I went back to Aachen for the night! Horraay for sleepin’ in my own bed!!

Donnerstag... Had a fun split with Elder Bruneel. With us being called officially as University Elders, we have been trying to spend as much time as possible on campus. We went and we had our Language study hour in the Library on the Foreign Languages floor. After that we went to this member family. Lovely people. They cooked us some raw turkey. Yummy, haha. After that we went back to Downtown Aachen and did some contacting. I stopped a lady on the street named Susan, so friendly, she invited us to her house and we talked for a solid 30 minutes. She is from Kenya and she invited us to come to her house next week for dinner! She said she loves Jesus and loves us and is willing to hear what we have to say. She said she reminded us of her kids! Haha.  After that we contacted these 3 French and Romanian guys. Gave them Books of Mormon and got their contact info, we have an appointment made out for this Wednesday! We then went to the church for our weekly GEMICO, not sure what that is in English, but its when we meet with our Gemeinde Missions Leiter (Ward Mission Leader) and talk about the work and how we can best work in unity. It was a really good meeting. We received a referral there named Dania. She is awesome , and comes from Cuba, she is studying here in Aachen. She speaks Spanish and German. After that we were on a bus home. I saw this guy speaking English so we started a conversation. Turns out he was from Columbia and he was studying Communication Technology in Aachen. So him studying that and being South American I decided to bring up Carlos Slim, the Business Giant from Mexico, because his company pretty much is just Communication technology. Turns out this guy actually worked for Carlos Slim before coming to Germany to study and work for T mobile. Really cool conversation. Got his contact info and then gave him a Book of Mormon!

Fritag ... We traveled back to Düsseldorf to split back and when we were there in the Hbf, we saw a guy looking at us very intently. We decided to say hi to him. We started talking to him and found out he is from Ireland! Sweet. So after talking for 10 min Mr. Fitzpatrick asked if he could buy us some Hot CoCoa. We said yes and we just talked life with this guy for an hour or so. It was an awesome time. Afterwards we split back and then ran into a Brazilian girl that just immigrated to Germany, she could speak a little broken German and Portugese and we found out that she is a member of the Church and has been trying to find the local meeting house for her and her family!  So that was cool running into her and helping her out. After that we got on a train back to Aachen and slept the entire way. Once we got home we just had time to go by Susan’s, the lady we contacted earlier in the week. We gave her a Book of Mormon and then mad a solid appointment.

Samstag... It was a slower day. We just had our weekly planning and then went and ate a Döner for Döner Samstag. After all of the planning and stuff we ended the day with a Ward Dominoe night at Sister Elvis's home!

Dania Came to Church! Yay.
Sonntag... Our new Investigator Dania came to church !! Yay. We taught her about baptism and she seemed really interested, she asked if we could teach her 10 year old son too! After church we went and ate at home and then went out to meet Martina in the park. She is an investigator and she is awesome. She is making good progress and she believes in prayer. After that we just came home and I did the weekly call ins with the District! That was our week.  A busy and crazy week! I loved it.

One thing that I shared with my Golden this week was the Scripture in Acts 5 :41. Talking about how the apostles were proud and even joyous that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for the name of Jesus Christ. You need that attitude out here. I love the German people but they have got some Sassy mouths! Haha. So when the troubles come, or people are just being a pain. We just gotta square up and say. I got this, because I know Jesus is on my side!

I love you all! Gotta Go!

Have an amazing week!


Elder Nikora Anderson

Monday, May 19, 2014

Abenteuer Zeit‏

"Adventure Time"

Wow that was awesome getting to see you guys last week! I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything. What time was it when you guys got on to talk to me??
Me and my "Golden", Elder Brande!

It sounds like you all had awesome weeks! That makes me happy.

So… my life here in Aachen. It has been, simply put, an Adventure. Haha.

We have been here now for almost 2 weeks, and we are starting to really get the hang of things out here.

It was pretty funny, we got here and then a couple of days later we were riding a train to this city called HerzogenRath to try and find a referral. We get of at the right stop and we just start walking in the direction of this referral. About 2 hours later and being completely lost, we look around and discover that we had walked right into the Netherlands! Haha.

It was crazy getting out here too for the first time. So Elder Brande and I missed our Bus to Aachen and so we had to take Sbahns and REs across the country with 4 train changes!! We missed 2 trains doing that and got stuck in the middle of no where a few times. What a crazy first transfer for Elder Brande.

The ward here in Aachen is awesome! Really really love it. They have been so helpful in getting me and Elder Brande adjusted to the area. The Egly family is super awesome, they are the ones that you got to see during our Skype call.

Last little bit in Erfurt.
As far as teaching goes, we have been teaching a ton of member lessons this past week. Really just focusing on getting good relationships built in the ward.
We are still working hard to find some solid investigators in the area. Its a little slower right now. But if Erfurt taught me anything, it is that hard work will pay off. It might be a little slower at first, but constant faith, prayers, and hard work and we will be seeing success!

Thank you guys so much for everything that you do for me. Seriously, seeing you guys and just getting to hear you all. Mencshen kinder. You guys mean the world to me. I love you all so much.

Have an amazing week!

I love you guys,


Elder Nikora Anderson

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Love you!‏

Elder Nik sent this quick message on Tuesday.  

Hey guys! I love you. Sorry, no big letter this week because of Mother’s Day call and everything. But you will get an awesome one next week. I just wanted to hop on real quick and let you guys know that I love you and that you mean the world to me!!

Love you guys,

Elder Anderson

Saturday, May 10, 2014

YO. Skype time.‏

Because Elder Nik was being transferred the same week as Mother's Day, we weren't able to arrange a time to talk.  So he just had to send us a time and we had to make it work on our end.  Looks like we'll be playing hooky from church!

Hey everybody, I’m here safely in Aachen with my son (golden) Elder Brande. It is thus far a really interesting experience opening an area and training. But I am loving life!!

So the members here are really kind. We called around to see where we could Skype (Mission rule is we can only Skype in a member’s home). But the Egley family here in Aachen invited us over to Skype! So yay. I will be getting on at about 18-18:30 my time. So yeah, plan accordingly! I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow!

Love you and see you then!

Love, Elder Anderson

P.S. email me back once you see this and then give me your Skype address! Love you!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Stadt der Könige‏

"City of Kings"

Well this was a really eventful week here in Erfurt!  Lets just get right into it, starting with the Transfer Results.

Transfer Results: President Schwartz called me and released me as the District Leader in Erfurt. He then told me that I was going to open up in the city of  Aachen, back in the Düsseldorf Zone. Pretty crazy. Then he called me as a Trainer. The next 2 transfers I will be training a Golden! And then he told me that I would be working as a University Elder and then I was Called to be a District Leader over the cities of Aachen and Bonn.

So as you can see, haha, there are quite a few changes coming up! I will be leaving early this Wednesday to travel to Frankfurt. I will be in a new trainer meeting most of the day and then early on Thursday morning I will get assigned to my new Golden! We will then Travel to Aachen.

When President called me up to give me all of the news, he told me that Aachen is a bigger city than Erfurt. He told me it was also home to one of Germany’s best and biggest Universities. So he gave me and the Golden the Assignment to work as Uni Elders. That means that when we will be focusing almost all of our time and energy on the University and on the students there in Aachen.

This is going to be an awesome adventure. I’m excited to work with my new district and opening will be crazzzy! Its one of those things that I just have to trust the Lord and know that what is happening is what he wants. Usually Goldens are born into pretty solid environments. Haha, The new Elder is going to ask me about the city and I will have to say.. Hmmm I really don’t know anything about it. We are both getting dropped in, haha! It seems to be mission family tradition. Elder McGinn’s trainer opened up in Bonn and trained him. Then Elder McGinn opened up and trained me in Erlangen and now I am opening and training in Aachen!
So, I know that next week is Mothers Day and we should be able to Skype. But since we are getting dropped in, I don’t know where we will do it or what time. So I’ll try and let you guys know via email ASAP.

This last week in Erfurt has seriously been amazing. Elder Norman and I hit record numbers this last week and have been seeing so much success. It is crazy looking back at how much I have grown this last little bit of my life. I will forever love this city and the people and friendships that I have made here.

I have a ton of pictures to send you guys but the computers here don’t work very well.  I’ll be back in the Land of big cities next week though, so I’ll send you all the goodbye pictures from Erfurt next week!

Thank you all for your Love and Support!!

Love you Guys!!

Elder Nikora Philip Anderson