Wednesday, June 5, 2013

T minus ein woche bis Deutschland ! " one week til Germany "‏

Hello my Dearest Loved Ones,

Aghhhh this time next week I will be preaching the good word to the people of Deutschland! Can you believe how fast these last six weeks have gone by?!  I have loved the MTC and everything that I have learned here, I am however very excited to get out there and hit the road!  It is seriously so crazy the amount of German I have learned in just six weeks. I feel so ready!  I know that once I get there it will be really different and I will have a rough time with the language still, but I am ready!! Aghh I am so excited to get out there and start serving the people of Germany!
Our District is doing fantastic this week. Everyone is getting along fantastically and the spirit is always strong. I love these guys all of them are so great. Its interesting the things a mission will teach you. We all come from such different backgrounds and we all have different stories and interests. We all feel differently about so many things. Its just been really good learning that the only way to get along with everyone is to have a strong Christlike love in your heart always. Just love everyone . Thank you Dad and Kyrstin for the letters and talks you sent me.  They really did help me out so much!  The things that really stood out to me were that we have to be unified, we've been working on that and its made a huge difference. And then dad, you said that I shouldn't have favorites and I just need to love people. I prayed for that and it was a big help.  I made those changes and things are going great!
So, next Tuesday is when I am flying out. We leave the MTC at 5 am and our flight is at 8:30am!  So I will call you some time in between then. Also, we land in Dallas TX for a 3 hour layover. I will call you then. we land at about 11:45 in Dallas! So be free to talk to me then!!
Aghh I am so excited and happy that I am going to Germany next week!  This is sooo exciting!  I hope all is going great with you guys!  I love you all so much :) !

Love you guys!
- Elder Anderson

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