Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Hand Written Letter

May 30, 2013

Dear Fam,
How are you guys?  I love you and miss you all a ton.  But there is no where in the world I would rather be, I am learning so much right now!!  My German is coming along so well, the gift of tongues is so real.  There is no way I would know the amount of German I do now without help from the spirit.  It is still hard work though. I have learned this principle here, it is that we won't get blessings and help from the spirit and our Heavenly Father unless we are doing absolutely everything we can on our end.  That is how lots of things in life are.  We just need to make sure we are trying our very best and the Godhead will help us bridge that gap.  All we need is faith and some hard work, then we can do anything.  I'm excited to call you from the airport and talk a little in German!!
Thank you guys for your words of advice and encouragement about my District.  I love these guys and they are teaching me so much about myself, the gospel and how to have more Christ like love for everyone!  .....(Nik tells us some of the struggles he's seen as District Leader without sharing names.  He loves the Elders he serves with and asks us to pray for those who struggle.  He talks about seeing the effects of bullying even long after it's over and even when one finds himself in safer environments)
Anyways, the MTC is so fun!  I love all the new friends that I've made, the Elders are all such good friends!  There was a little contention, but I went to my Branch President and asked for advice.  He said read D&C 121, the last 10 verses.  I did and it felt like we should have a District meeting and discuss our problems, but do it lovingly!  We did and everything feels better!!
I hope everything is great at home.  Tell me everything!  Mom, how is CrossFit?  Dad how is work?  Kowhai, how is school?!  My pugbies?

Anyway I gotta go, but I love you guys!
<3 Elder Anderson

PS. Be nice to everyone.

I love this boy.  That last line spoke volumes to me of what Nik is feeling and it makes me happy.

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