Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pictures and More Snippets

Nikora  Elder Anderson didn't have a lot of time to explain the pics he sent.  Well, no time really.  In the e-mails we got with pics, it was just pics.  But I think these pictures speak volumes.  Enjoy:
If I'm absorbing information correctly.  I believe the red dot means you're brand new to the MTC.

I believe this is Elder Anderson and his companion on his left (our right) and his other room mates on his left.

I'm guessing this is his District.  He said there were 8 of them.

Nik and Nick

I guess Nik got more sun than the other before entering the MTC! Hahaha!

The previous post explains this pic.  Pretty Awesome!

A blurry pic of a lot of Missionaries!  

Looks like "P" Day!



 I'm thinking, "American missionaries showin' their German pride!"

Here are a few snippets from Kyrstin:

"The MTC is great! I am having the time of my life learning to work so hard and becoming more in tune with the spirit, it really is so amazing. I am now teaching the 1st lesson fluently (almost) we got our new fake investigator today and he was an atheist. So we just go in and I was able to speak to him and make friends and teach him that he has a loving Heavenly Father all in German!! So great. I love my zone that I am in. The Elders and Sisters in it are becoming some of my best buds and its only been 13 days!! I was reading Ether 12:27 today. It is so great. Just the thought that I am doing pretty much that in my mission so that hopefully I am a better person in every aspect of my life when I get home."

"I love Sundays here. We just have sacrament and personal study and our temple walk. I read the sacrament prayer today in German! I didn't even mess up! I love my district and zone, they keep me sane. Such a great group of guys or Elders haha"

"There is so much on my mind, and I hope that I can get it all out!! Today was an especially moving and spiritual day.. You know how church things usually don't move me to tears? Well today I was a total bawl baby!! We were going through watching Mormon Messages in class and we watched one about moms, and it was so powerful you should defiantly watch it, I was just so moved by it.  Also I watched one about fathers. You should look this one up too. Agh I hope that I can one day be a great, loving dad. ...It was just like wow, I could be a dad in like 4 years. It hit me. I need to be prepared for that physically, spiritually, etc. I think my mission is going to be fantastic preparation for that. The last one that I watched was entitled "Mountains to Climb" please watch this one too. Agh I was just a mess today!! A spiritual mess, but a mess non-the-less!"
A fun Pic Nik sent to Kyrstin!  She sent him the mustaches that they won at the nickelcade!  They're so cute!

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