Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It must be Christmas!

Nope, it's P day!  And that means we got our e-mail this morning!  BUT we also got a letter in the mail, pictures and a letter from his companion (we sent him a package too)!!  So good to see Nik's face!

First, the e-mail.

"Guten tag meine Familie!
Week 2 of my mission is done!...

...Yesterday we had a big devotional and Elder Russell M Nelson came and spoke to all of us.  It was so awesome and powerful.  The main part of his message was just forget yourself and serve other and love everyone!  It was really so great!

We are already teaching lessons to some untersuchers "investigators.  I can teach the first lesson in broken german already!  I still have a long way to go, but it is crazy how far I have come in just 2 weeks!...

Happy Mothers Day Mammy! I hope it was awesome!  I'm sad I wasn't able to call home on Mother's Day!

The spirit here is so strong and I am learning how to work so hard!  My mitarbeiter "companion" and I are getting along so well, it really is such a blessing that we get along so well!  I am so happy I am out here serving, I miss home and everything so much.  But I know that this is really shaping my future for the better!

My classes are long!  I am in a classroom for 9 hours a day!  And you know how much I love sitting in a classroom hahaha.  It's ok though, it is for the Lord (said in a nacho accent).
My knowledge of the gospel is growing greater each and every day!  And the same with the German language!

..."The food her is getting kinda old, but other than that the MTC is great!!!  Crazy story....
So there are over 5,000 desks in the MTC and they are always getting moved around.  I sit in my assigned desk the first week and flip over the table part and guess what is written on the bottom? "Elder Zelezniak Poland 2012-2014"  Hahaha!  How crazy is that, I'm sitting in the exact desk he sat in!  That's Aunty Kim's nephew!  I got a pic of it, I'll try and figure out pics later and send it to you.

I love you guys so much!!
Love Elder Nikora Philip Anderson

Again, I took out bits and pieces that were more business related (Thanks for the package) or just didn't need to be shared.
Shortly after getting Nik's e-mail, we got this one from his companion:

"Thank you so much Brother Anderson.  I was glad to get your letter and the package.  It is always nice to know someone is thinking of you.
So yeah I am a convert to the Church, although I have gone most of my life with my mom who is also a convert.  My dad is Catholic.  My parents make it work though despite the disagreements in religion.  I got baptized when I was 18 and I have been a member now for close to 2 years this coming June.  I am glad I have got your son as a companion.  I was worried about that originally, before coming here like who I would get as a companion but him and I get along really well.  When it is time to focus we focus and get a lot done and when we need a short 15 minute break we take one and laugh about whatever and then start working again.  Everyday we push ourselves to progress a little more and that has been really good for us and our district.  Elder Anderson is doing really well with his German.  He is picking up on it quickly and though I have had some background in the language he is catching up to me so either that means I have to work harder or he is just blessed with natural intellect!  I think it's a mixture of both but he really is doing really well and I am glad he takes this seriously with a strong spirit.  You have raised a good son and I am thankful he is my companion.
Thank you again for the package and for the letter.  The watch fits perfectly and it's awesome to finally have one.

Thank you, 
Elder ------------

I loved getting this e-mail.  It's one thing for your Elder tell you he's working hard and doing well, but for his companion to compliment him that way was heart warming and made me smile.

I'll end this post here and later prepare another post for the pics that he sent and his written letter that we got in the mail.

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