Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Snippets

Kyrstin is so awesome.  She sent more snippets from Nik.  We so appreciate her willingness to share them with us.

"So today was a pretty good day!  We woke up, went on a mile run, then we went to breakfast and then class.  Then the good part.  We taught another "Investigator" and the spirit helped me teach an amazing lesson!  All in German!!  So thank you so much if you have been praying for me,  it really does work!!  After that we went to dinner.  Me and Elder --------- kept staring at random Elders in the lunch room trying to freak them out cause we were bored!  It is fantastic here in the MTC.  I am learning so much and I am going to learn so much on my mission."

"So today was a super great day, I fasted all day and there were some super fantastic speakers and firesides!  I have the opening prayer in Sacrament today.  I said it all in German!  There were a couple mistakes, but that is ok cause I have come so far in just 5 days!!...I had such a good day we had a fireside and the guy just talked about working hard.  It really motivated me.  I need to work hard throughout everything, not just the stuff I like!!"

"Ok lets be real.  It has only been six days.  And it is already the hardest thing I have done in my entire life.  It is so good for me and I love this gospel.  this is the right thing to be doing!!  The MTC is fun.  Every day is jam packed busy with 6 hours of studying the scriptures and German!  It is good for me and I love the growth that I am going through."

"Today was an amazing day.  We learned so much about the Atonement of our Savior and how through that we can find ever lasting happiness!... I have had a few really amazing spiritual experiences here!!"

He's still not been able to send pictures.  That's pretty understandable.  He's only allowed a certain amount of time on the computer, so I'd imagine he doesn't want to use it all downloading pics.  Hopefully he'll be able to soon.

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