Wednesday, May 22, 2013

P-Day E-mail!

A beautiful e-mail from our Elder today.  Here it is in it's entirety. I'm gonna leave the Elders names in this time.  If you'd like to join us in praying for them, that would be awesome.  

Dearest Loved ones,

Hey! This week has been super fun and interesting and I am learning a ton. My German is coming along great and I am learning more and more everyday. This week has been a little rough for some of the other Elders in our zone with learning the language and the stress of being away from home. Its made me notice that I really have been blessed with a pretty calm personality. When rough stuff hits it really does just roll off and everything is all good! I really do miss you guys, but all is good. I am loving it here and in just 3 weeks I have made a ton of really close life long friends.

The other day I was feeling super sick, so I asked for a blessing. My really good friend Elder Hawker did the anointing and my comp Elder Muller gave the blessing, it really was such an amazing moment. I love these Elders So much! Its cool to think that all my really close friends right now are worthy hard working priesthood holders. I am so grateful to all of them!

On Sunday our branch president called me in for an interview, he called me as our District Leader. He said that he has prayed about it for a while and he said that he thinks I will do  an amazing job. He said "I've noticed that all the other Elders like to follow your lead and do what you are doing, that is such a blessing. You can help them and show them hard work and diligence. But be careful, it can also be a curse, because if you lead them astray and lead them to disobedience, it will come down on you. "So I better start working even harder!!! haha Also, remember the following in your prayers: Elders Lassley, Emery, Hawker, Moeller, Muller, Allen and Bradner. They are such an amazing group of Elders and missionaries!

I love the work and it is building me into such a better person! The MTC is fun, my teachers are amazing!! They really teach us and lead by the spirit. I am learning so much from them and I consider them great friends too! Our zone is amazing. The majority of us are going to Frankfurt, then there are a few going to Alpine! I love you guys! Write me as often as you can, it makes me so happy!!

You are amazing! Thank you all for your love and support!!
Love, Elder Nikora Philip Anderson.

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