Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our First E-mail/Letter!

We finally got our first e-mail/letter from Elder Anderson today!  It sounds like he's doing well, learning a lot and enjoying his time in the MTC.  Here are some excerpts from his e-mail/letters to both the family and his "very good friend" Kyrstin.

"We have been learning tons of duetch.  I can already pray in it.  The first Sunday they called me up in Sacrament and had me pray in German, it was awkward, being my first time, but it all worked out well.  The spirit is really helping me learn the language.  My companion or "mitarbeiter" is awesome.  He is a convert and was baptized at 18 yrs old.  My roommates are awesome guys.  So far we have been getting along great!  The rest of our district is awesome.  Love them."

Short and sweet!  Wonderful to hear just this bit.  I removed a bit where he mentioned his companions names.  We don't want to infringe on any one's privacy.

Here are some bits that Kyrstin has graciously shared with us.  Thanks Kyrstin!

"After that we went to do lesson training.  Me and my companion rocked it.  Literally.  So we are in a room full of about 100 people and these actors come in and all of us have to say things to them like we are really teaching them.  So people are getting no where with this one guy.  So I raise my hand to talk to him and I'm like, "Do you believe in prayer?"  Well next thing I know I talked him into literally kneeling down with us to pray and he starts bawling.  So is everybody else, the spirit was so strong.  It was such a good day."
"It is so spiritual.  I am so excited for the growth that will happen over the next 2 years!"
"So, the story for today, woke up right on time and read some scriptures then went about doing things. It was kinda uneventful.  But one thing really stood out!!  The Lord taught me some humility today.  So they called the zone leaders and everything today and I was all prideful and I was like, "I'll definitely get called"...except for guess what?  I wasn't.  I it's rough for me to listen to people but the Lord loves me and wants me to learn obedience and humility!  So pretty much there is no better place to learn that than on my mission."
"So the MTC!! It is pretty fun.  I woke up and studied some Deutch!  Then I got to leave and I went for a run around the temple.  It was good getting some fresh air!  The food here is pretty good.  I like it!!  So we have only been here for 3 days and we had to give our first discussion to an investigator speaking only German!  It was crazy hard and it was trial by fire.  But I will grow so much because of those experiences!"
"Recognize the Lord's blessings in your life.  That is so important!"
"My district and my companion are all doing great, we are already best bro friends!!"

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