Monday, June 30, 2014

Tschüß Präsident Schwartz‏

"Bye President Schwartz"


Ahhh, the weather has been getting nice and warm. My favorite. 

So this last week was a pretty eventful week. We had the good bye Zone Conference for Präsident Schwartz. He is such a good man. He blessed this mission so much, and he helped us all grow so much. At the end of the Zone Conference we all stood and sang "Gott Sei mit Euch" (God Be With You Till We Meet Again) There was not a single dry eye in the room. He is such a great guy, him and his wife are saints. 

We handed out a bunch of Book of Mormons this week. So that was great. It’s been fun serving with a German and learning even better German! Elder Schmidt and I get along really well and I am having so much fun in my new area. It’s still kinda new and I’m trying to get used to everything, but it’s great. Give me a few more weeks and it will be like home! 

This week is going to be really really busy. So I’m just going to relax today cause its the only time that I’ll have this week! Coming up this week is: 2 splits (one with a Golden) and then a welcome Präs Stoddard ZoCo, and then my first MLC (Mission Leadership Council). 

Lots to do and lots to prep for! 

Ohh, this week I got to use the baseball mitts!! It was way fun, we had a Joint ward activity with the Military ward and we went and taught all the Germans how to play baseball! Super solid. 

I love you guys soo much! Thank you for everything!! 


Elder Anderson 

PS. I’ll try and get some pics of Elder Schmidt and the Zone. I forgot my camera today! 

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