Monday, June 16, 2014

Elder Anderson, bist Du bereit für ein Abenteuer?‏

"Elder Anderson, are you ready for an adventure?”


So this last week we had  transfer calls.. Remember how I was 99% sure that I would be staying in Aachen to finish training Elder Brande. Nope, I got called and released as DL and Trainer in Aachen. Pretty crazy, wasn’t expecting that. Then he asked, "Elder Anderson, are you ready for an adventure?"...

So, sad as I was to be leaving, I did receive a new calling, which I am very excited for. I will be going down to an area called  Wiesbaden/Mainz which is right next to Frankfurt to serve as a  Zone Leader in the Wiesbaden Zone. My companion is a German and his name is Elder Schmidt. I’m really really excited to go down and work with him and everyone in the Zone! And my German is going to get so good now. 

So yeah, this Wednesday I will be going down to Wiesbaden! Crazy change, oder?!  I’m sad to be leaving all of the missionaries in the District, and I’m bummed I can’t finish training Brande. But I am sure I’ll have a blast in Wiesbaden with Schmidt. 

So this week, was insane. There was a point where in just a 24 hour time period I was in Aachen, Mönchengladbach,  Nuess, Düsseldorf, Duisberg, Krefeld, Köln, Solingen, Wuppertal, Bonn and Euskirchen. There was a good sized storm here that destroyed a bunch of trains and so to get to Düsseldorf for Zone Training we had to take the most absurd routes. Haha, it was crazy, but it was an adventure! 

Aachen did well this week and everyone was really surprised that I got to Spend only 6 weeks here. I got ghosted! (missionary slang for getting transferred out of an area after only 1 cycle there.) 

Oooh, this week I got to spray paint the Plan of Salvation with Elder Bruneel for a Street display! It was pretty fun, because we did in right in the middle of the city. And as people walked by they were like what are they doing?! But then we got to explain it all! 

I love you guys. Thanks for the continual support! I gotta go now, life is pretty crazy, I have a ton of stuff I gotta finish before I leave! I’m going to play some Fußball with the District before we all go our separate ways! 

I love all! Gott sei mit euch! 

- Elder Nikora Anderson 

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