Monday, July 7, 2014


MLC with our MTC group. 

Wow this was a busy week. A busy week but a good week. Haha. 

So, started of this week with a pretty fun P-day. We went out and played some Fußball which was way fun. I’m pretty good, able to keep up with a German and a Brazilian. Haha! 

After that I went on a split with Elder VonWallwitz. He is an awesome guy. I’ve only known him for 3 weeks now, but I already consider him a really good friend. He is from Brazil but has a German name because his ancestors ran over to Brazil like 70 years ago. But seriously, he reminds me of like Teina. Love the kid. 

After that we went on a split with the American Ward Elders. I went with Elder Melanson to little America (the base). It was awesome. Got to eat Taco Bell on Base with Americans. It was really good. Loved it and Elder Melanson is so cool. He has pics of him before the mission just rocking the longest beard, Hahaha. Love it. 

Speaking of which, I can kinda grow a little more than my mustache now. Yay! 

After that we had our welcome ZOCO for President Stoddard. I got to sit by him during the meeting because we were conducting it. So that was cool. He is a truly inspired man and I love him already. He has a strong testimony and an amazing spirit about him. After just 1 minute with him you can feel that he is the man that God wants to lead this mission. 

We had MLC this week. That was really cool. We just met with Präsident and the other ZLs and STLs and just council about the mission. One thing that was brought up by Präs. was the fact that we are here not only to grow the church, but we are here to grow us. And that after the mission we will have our whole lives to give to the church and the building up of Zion, not just 2 years. It was a really cool spirit as he spoke and promised that the future of the church was us. 

I’m doing well and I’m Happy and Healthy. I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything!! Thanks for not killing Frodo… haha!

(Elder Nik’s dog, Frodo, had been hospitalized recently.  We waited till he was well before telling Nik.  Pancreatitis.  From sneaking into and eating chocolate, wrappers and all.  He survived.  We weren’t sure how we’d tell Nik if his dog died.  We’re just glad we didn’t have to!)

I love you all! 


Elder Anderson

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