Monday, June 23, 2014



This week has been a very interesting week. I’m loving it. But my life just got flipped all around. I was in Aachen for just 6 weeks training Elder Brande and then in the blink of an eye I’m out and on to my next area. 

So Wiesbaden. First day of the transfer.. I got to Frankfurt Hbf and then after that I found out that Elder Schmidt and I had to take this huge transporter full of Leavers luggage to the Hotel in Langen. It was pretty crazy moving this big moving van through the narrow German streets, but it made for a good time. After that we took Luggage to Mainz und Wiesbaden and then returned the Moving Van to Frankfurt and then headed out right back to Wiesbaden on a train. 

I’m really liking the area. It takes a while to get used to an area, but I’m really loving it here. Wiesbaden is soooo nice. Like literally it is like the Hamptons or Bel Air out here. We will definitely need to come back here to check things out.

People are going pretty crazy with the World Cup out here. America is doing pretty well! Guess who America is playing next week?? Deutschland!! I love Germany and I love the people here. But I’m still an American boy. So I am realllllly excited for the Game on Thursday, America needs a tie or a win to move on! Präs Schwartz gave us permission to watch the game, So Thursday night I’ll be watching that game. My invitation for you guys this week is to watch the America vs. Germany game. 

Ohhh, this week I saw the Titzes at a combined Stake Conference. They are doing well, it was great to see them. Big news, the Frankfurt and Heidelburg Stakes got split. I am now in the Friedrichsdorf Stake. Which means that our Zone boundaries are going to be new next cycle. Yay, Changes. It is so fun serving with Elder Schmidt. he is from Dresden, Germany. He has really good German. He is hilarious, I’m excited to work with him and the Zone. 

Also, Präs Schwartz goes home this Saturday and we get our new Mission Präsident.

 This is just a time of changes, growth and progression. Not gonna lie, I’m sorta stressed. There are just so many changes. Missionary work just got different. The Stakes just got changed which means a lot of change, I just got put in a new area. I have to be a really good example. I get to help prep for Zone Conferences now. Just lots of new stuff. But I’ll learn it quickly and it will be really good! God is keeping me on my toes

I’m really loving it here. I am having awesome experiences and learning so much. I’m learning who I am and what I am made of. I know that I am a child of God. 

Life is great!! I love you guys!! 

Love Elder Anderson!! 

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