Monday, March 3, 2014

Fasching Karnival Woche‏

Servus Loved Ones,

Wie geht es euch? In Erfurt Man lebt so .. nür Spaß, uns geht es so güt wie nie zuvor!!

This was a really good week. One of the busiest of my mission. It is so nice to be busy and to have stuff going on. Not a single  "white day",  love it.

We met with a ton of Weniger Aktiv (Less Active) members this week and we are working hard to get them active again. Tons of great people in this area and I’m excited for the friendships that we are making with them.

We are really working close with our branch president and the rest of the Gemeinde Rat (ward council). The Erfurt Zweig has a goal of 45 active members in church by the end of the year. So to reach that, we need to start reactivating and baptizing!

We are hoping that as we reactivate a lot of these people we will find new people to teach since a ton of them are coming from Part member families. And then they also have friends that might have some interest. This area is really looking promising. A mission is such good preparation for what I wanna do in life. So much planning , and building from scratch. And then the most important part, just doing it! I love it.

Me and Elder Norman at the Fasching Parade !
My German is doing exceptionally well. I’m pretty happy with how that is all going. This last week I had to write a report in German for the ward council and then talk for like 10 minutes about the work in the area, and after I got a lot of compliments on my German , so I’m feeling good about that!

So this week we found an investigator, her name is Frau Börner. Met her at Dom Platz Nord. I just smiled at her and then she started talking to me asking me why we are here and what not and then about 10 min later we exchanged info and made an appointment! She came to the appointment a few days later and we taught her the first lesson and it went really well! We handed her off to the sisters in Erfurt though because they can meet with her more often and everything. But I am still really excited and hope and pray that she Progresses!  

The work is going well and I am loving life. It’s starting to get warmer too!
Also, this week was Fasching and Karnival and there was a huge parade on our street! And everyone is drunk and dressing up in these cool costumes, yay crazy! I have some videos for you guys.

But hey I gotta Go! I love you guys!

Love Elder Anderson!

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