Monday, March 17, 2014

Was Geht Ab!?‏

Young Mens Activity this week .
 Way fun. Played Picture Telephone
Whats up!?

Hallo meine geliebter lieber! How goes everything back at home and in Chile?

Another Pic of our Yound mens Activity !
This last week was a really fun/solid week. So on Tuesday we had a Zone Finding activity for Zone Training in Erfurt, and I got to lead that one out and decide what we did. President Schwartz has been talking to us a ton about playing the whole melody of missionary work. Which means basically be a well rounded missionary. Work well with members and be good at finding and all other aspects of missionary life. So we decided that we would apply the same principle to finding. So we had some people doing a survey, chalking the plan of salvation, BoM contacting, Family History Contacting and Universität Contacting. So we split everyone up and then just sent them into the city for a few hours and we got a ton of potentials for Erfurt.
Breakfast. I know I should be eating wheat bread.
But I like the taste.

I’m doing pretty chipper and I am loving life, its starting to get warm again!

Ohhh, something fun happening this week! We get to go down to Nürnberg for Zone Conference this next week and I got permission to stay an extra day in Erlangen! Aghh, so stoked for that. Long story short, I was transferred out of Erlangen before I could get my Visa, So I have to go back down there and pick it  up! Yay, I am so excited to see my Golden City again. I Love that place.

Also, really cool is that this week for ZoKo we get to hear from Timmothy J Dyches of the 70. He gave a talk last General Conference.

The work is going really well for us here in Erfurt and I am happy! Thank you guys for everything that you do. The letters and Emails and everything. They mean the world to me!

I love you guys!!

Elder Anderson

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