Monday, March 24, 2014

Fast Drei Monate in Erfurt Gwesen‏

"Almost Been in Erfurt 3 Months"

We are already in week number six of this transfer. I swear the transfers just keep getting faster and faster! Next transfer I hit my year mark.
As always, the sixth week of the transfer is exciting with everyone making predictions and getting excited about change. As for me and Elder Norman, I think we will stay together another cycle in Erfurt. I am so excited for next transfer because; 1. Its starting to get warm and the trees are all going to get green and 2. I really like Erfurt this is such a good city and the experiences that I am having here are really amazing. A lot of people have a "growth explosion area", that is the area where they really changed and grew. Growth and change is a constant on the mission, but occasionally there are things or circumstances that really accelerate the growth and push you forward at a much more rapid pace. Erfurt has definitely been a growth explosion area for me. I have learned a ton and the work is going really well right now.

Me and Elder Ward @ ZoKo. He was in my first district!
So ZoKo (Zone Conference) was awesome. It was held down in Nürnberg. We had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to shower and catch a train to Nürnberg for the meeting. It was a really awesome experience and I learned a ton. Elder Dyches was the main speaker and he spoke a ton about the importance of teaching and simplifying things. He served in Germany too so it was really cool to hear from him and see his perspective in everything.

After ZoKo, was probably the coolest experience in a while. I got to go back to my Golden City! Aghhh, It was so good to be back in Erlangen. That place has a special spot in my heart. Remember the story of Lucky Lisa? She, after McGinn and I left, stopped meeting with the missionaries because she was busy. But when I was there, we called her up and I introduced her to the new Erlangen Elders. It was so funny to meet with her. First thing she said when we met up was "Wow, Anderson you can speak German now." Haha apparently my Golden German wasn’t very good hahaha.
Also, made way good friends with the new Erlangen Elders. One of them was named Elder Mayne. Way solid kid and definitely a homie.

This week in Erfurt, we had a ton of wieniger aktiv lektionen (less active lessons). We are still pushing that pretty hard trying to get the active number of people in church to 45 by the end of the year. Last week we had 32.

Also, the investigator outlook is doing pretty good. Still trying to get more solid and progressing investigators. But as of right now things are still going pretty good, but there is room for growth. We taught a lesson to our investigator Steffen Höhn, he is a really good guy, but for some reason he won’t progress. We asked some probing questions so hopefully we will receive some inspiration on how we can better help him out.  

The work is going good and I am happy!

Thanks for everything you guys do for me, I love you all so much. Also thank you for the emails and the packages that you send. It means the world to me!


Elder Anderson

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