Monday, March 10, 2014

Wir Haben Eine Gute Woche Gehabt‏

Nik's Mom pinched this pic off of FB and cropped it.
 Another Missionary Mom
 had posted a group picture and Nik was in it!
We had a good week!

Man we had a really solid week this last week and I am really happy with it. We are starting to make noticeable progress in the area. I am loving it. Seriously a mission is so amazing at just preparing me for the future. I am learning so many life long valuable lessons. And I am just growing a ton!

So this week in the mission we had like a mission wide finding day where we all fasted for the opportunity to find more people. Well the fasting worked! We went out and we spent a ton of time finding in a ton of different ways. We went door to door, we were walking down the street just talking to people, we rode the Straßebahns, we played some sport and we spent some time on the University Campus. All in all, we have 6 new people that are ready to learn more about the Gospel and a few more that said they would think about it. Fasting and prayer, it’s real and it works! I am really excited for everything in store.

Got lost in this city called Arnstadt looking for a referral!
Me n´ Normy at the
 Erfurter Dom
This week I went on one of my Zone Leader Splits, It was with Elder Hathaway. He is such a solid missionary and one of my really good friends out here. We had fun and spent a ton of time on the Uni just contacting some people.
Me n´ Normy
Also, contacting story of the week happened while I was with Elder Hathaway. We were walking down the street and we had probably talked to 100 people and everyone was just like  "NO". So we decided to stop pray and then move on. He told me to just wait for a second and only contact someone if I felt it was inspired. So I waited a few minutes and then walked up to this lady and started talking to her. Turns out, her husband was baptized as a kid but his family fell away from the church and they are living in Germany for work and they want to meet with us!! Aghhh, it was crazy.
So just so you guys know what it’s sorta like for me as I’m contacting people on the street I will include a short translated script of my most common tracting technique:

Erfurt. My City.
Me-  Hey, excuse me!?
Them - What?
Me- Hi, I’m Elder Anderson, what’s your name? (I usually loose a few here)
Them- Oh Hi, my name is Fritz.
Me- Hi Fritz, well I’m out today talking with people about this book. Do you know this book? (Hold up Book of Mormon) (Also loose a ton of people at this point)
Them- No I don’t know it.
Me- Oh it’s called the Book of Mormon its another testament of Jesus Christ and it is evidence that God lives and that he loves us so much.
Them- Oh ok
Me-Do you have a relationship with god?
Me- Tell me about it.

And yeah, that is about it. Its pretty fun. At first I really didn’t like walking up to people on the street because they are speaking another language and its just scary. And I used to get a little sick feeling before doing it. But now its coming with ease! I still get that sickly feeling from time to time, but I have learned to love it. Because that feeling means I’m doing my job right. So You learn to love the feeling and afterwards, no matter the result it feels really good!

Well I love you guys! You are all so amazing and I love you all so much! I gotta go now! But thank you all so much for your emails!

Love You!

Elder Anderson

Nik's dad was recently released from our local YSA Bishopric and has already received a call to serve in the YM's program.  So, in his personal letter to his dad, Nik mentions that he's serving as the YM's President in his Branch in Erfurt.  He's working hard!  I (his mom) think it's funny that he didn't think to tell us about it until his dad told him he had a new calling!  Haha! 

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