Monday, February 24, 2014

Heir Gehen Wir Wieder. Erfurt Nummer Zwei‏

"Here we go again. Erfurt number 2"

Here we are again, the beginning of a new cycle. A fresh start and a new outlook for Erfurt. I am really looking forward to this cycle and working again in Erfurt with my new comp, Elder Norman. Elder Norman is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He went into the MTC on May 1, 2013! The same day as me. He was in the same MTC zone too! He is a really nice kid and I am stoked to work with him.

This last week was a good one. Said good bye to Elder Gamble and then picked up Norman! Also we got a new sister, Sister Weber.  She was also in the MTC with us. It’s a city full of 7 cyclers! Sweet.

We met up and had an awesome correlation meeting with them this last week. This is a good group of missionaries, they are excited and really have some good vision. We are gonna rock it this transfer!

Also got to attend my first DL Rat (District Leader council) this last week. It was really good, got to talk about our zone and the direction we wanted to take it. It was nice getting to share my opinions about things and to get insights from these other awesome missionaries.

Me and Norman also got to sit down and plan out what we want to accomplish this next cycle. It was a good planning session. He is a really good guy and I know that he is going to help bless the area.
Man, the mission has been so amazing. I am learning so much. I am learning how to plan effectively and how to keep records and just so many other things like that. Missions are amazing. I am growing in so many ways and learning a ton on the way too!

We have got 4 investigator appointments set up for this week as well as multiple Less Actives and Active Appointments. This week is gonna be grand.

One of the coolest things this week though was District Conference. We watched a televised broadcast from the Church and it was just for German speaking countries.  Guess who spoke ... Elder David A Bednar! He spoke almost flawless German. It was really cool. He said he has been off of his mission for 41 years. I wanna make sure my German is like his in 40 years. It has been such a cool thing to learn, the German language is awesome.

Thank you guys also for your loving thoughts and kind words this last week. You guys are so cool! Haha, Dad I loved your joke. And I am glad you guys are getting to spend more time together now. (Elder Anderson is referring to Philip’s release from the YSA Bishopric.) I love you guys.

All in all, I am happy and life is good. Thank you for the prayers and support. I really feel it out here. I love you all!

Bis nächste woche!


Elder Nikora Anderson

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