Monday, March 31, 2014

Aghhh Meine Mikrowelle, Sie Haben es Weg Genommen.‏

"Aghhh, they took away my microwave"

And the transfers are in! I am staying another transfer with Elder Norman in Erfurt. I am super excited for this up and coming transfer. Elder Norman and I get along great and the work is really good with him. As for the rest of the district, everything is staying the same in Erfurt, Weimar and then in Jena Elder Hathaway is leaving and another Elder is coming in and then a sister in Jena is leaving and another will be replacing her. We are having District meeting tomorrow and I’ll make sure to take a pic of the District before anyone is transferred!  

So there is this guy that we have been meeting with pretty consistently. He is a less active and he has been progressing slowly but surely as time goes on. We have been worried though the last couple of weeks because he hasn’t been showing up to appointments or answering his phone…Until later this week, we were like aghhh, lets try him one more time to see if he answers us. We call him up, and he finally answered! Yay, we were like, “hey, Andreas, is everything ok?”, to which he replied “ohhhh yeahhh. . . . . sorry , they took away my microwave and that just made me really sad and so I haven’t been able to meet for a while.” Hahahaha, easily the weirdest excuse that I have heard in my life. But now it has become an inside joke whenever anything doesn’t go right, we just say, “aghh, sorry man, like, they stole my microwave.”

In other news though, we are meeting with him again and he is happy and has found a new microwave.

The work has been a little bit slower in the last little bit, but that is ok. We are still finding and working to try and help people progress to baptism. It’s going a little bit slower right now, so prayers would be much appreciated!!

This last week we went to Mykolas apartment (one of our investigators) and he helped him take all of the wall paper and paint of off all of his walls. It was pretty fun and it was kinda cool to see how that sorta opened him up a little bit. It also opened up his mom a little bit too. She doesn’t live with him, but she lives close by. She came by to see what we were up to and she was really impressed with the fact that we were helping out her son like that and so now maybe she has some interest.

I love my mission and the many experiences that I am having, I am learning so much about myself and the world and most importantly the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for the emails that you send me every week and all of the love and support you give me! I love you guys!


Elder Anderson

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