Monday, April 7, 2014

Ich Liebe Mein Leben‏

"I love my life"
District Sportracting

I am loving life right about now. General Conference was such a big booster for me. I went in with a lot of questions on my mind, so I decided to pray about it and ask for some divine answers to my questions. It was unbelievable how many answers I received and how many things were said that I could use to directly help bless this area. I have really learned and grown to love General Conference out here. It is such a blessing.

Along with Elder Ballard, I would encourage you all to get a Preach My Gospel and to study it. Read through it and you will learn so much and you will help hasten the work of Salvation.

Elder Watts
trying to down a giant
 handfull of noodles haha
Missionary sleep over,
drinking soup with
noodle straws, haha!
As for Erfurt, I love this area so much. I really wanna spend a good amount of time here. It is a beautiful city, the tiny branch here is interesting to say the least, and it is really just a good area. I love being out in the "East", as missionaries call it. I also love the District. This week we met in Jena and we have the goal of being the most unified, happy, successful district ever. This last week we met in Jena, and to have some fun, grow some unity and find some people we had a quick district meeting and then we went out and did some sport finding in the city. We had cards and a soccer ball and football and we went to Paradise Park and just started a pick up game and invited people to play with us. Boom 2 investigators found!! Like it is such an awesome opportunity to work with all the people that we have out here. The missionaries in our District really are something special. Love them all. Love the City. I’m happy.

Mykola again, haha,
 he wears these things
everywhere, i love this guy.
Our investigator
Mykola at GenCon
The work is picking up. We had Gemeinderat (Ward Council) this last week. And for the longest time this ward has been tougher to work with. But this week, we were just like enough is enough and we took it and we conquered. We really just spoke up and voiced it like it was and didn’t really hold back, we were really apprehensive about what was going to happen, but it all worked out and we got a ton of support. Like never before have we had members coming up and asking if they can teach with us! And then, also in Gemeinderat, we secured a Sunday in May where we are going to combine Relief Society and Priesthood and we are going to teach them and get them ready for some missionary work! All of Europe has a "Month of Invitation" in June, and this lesson in may is really going to help us out with preparing for that.

Us and Herr Höhn at
 the first session of GenCon
Our investigator,
 Herr Höhn at GenCon
This last week was really good. We had some good growth opportunities and the work progressed! So there was this one day where we were just having a really hard time. This guy that we were teaching just strait up told us to leave him alone. And then a little later that day as we were contacting this lady came up to us, and just started bashing us and telling us we were racist and psychotic. And then an activity that we were planning on having fell out and I was just fix und fertig. I was so frustrated that day, we went and sat on a park bench for a little bit to just relax and calm down, while sitting there I was looking at the Heavens and I was just said "Please, just give me a break!" And then I said a little prayer in my heart. And literally 3 minutes later we get a call from Marcel, who had previously fallen of the face of the planet. He wanted to meet that night and buy us some food. Oh the tender mercies of the lord! And then the rest of the week was good cause we got 2 people to conference and won ward council.

Pics of our District last cycle. The  Jena, Erfurt, Weimar crew.

Thank you guys, thank you so much for everything you do for me and the time that you take to write me. Thank you for just letting me always know that you care. You guys really mean more to me than anything else in this world.

I love you!!

Bis Nächste woche !


Elder Nikora Philip Anderson

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