Monday, December 15, 2014

Ich muss Schnell Sein‏

"I gotta be quick!"


Yet another amazing week here in good ol` Wiesbaden. We had a really solid week and saw a few really awesome miracles. 

We got another referral to go by and see this guy named Diter this last week. We went by, gave him a Book of Mormon and he just opened right on up to us. It was awesome. As we were telling him about the Book of Mormon he stopped us and said that he felt so good in that moment and he wanted to know what that was. We then bore some testimony of the Gospel and the Holy Ghost and all of that awesome stuff. Really just an awesome Appointment. We will be going back this next Wednesday to teach him again! Pray for him. 

As far as everything else goes, I finally got your thing for your package. I will be sending that today! Sorry, it might be there a little late, but just know that it is on its way!

Also, man. The Wiesbaden ward is the coolest. I have such a strong relationship with all of the members here. I’m really happy to be here for Christmas. They brought so many gifts for us yesterday that it was hard to carry them all out. They are really taking care of us here. 

I’m way happy, pretty healthy and just loving life. I’m really excited to see you guys in 10 days for our Skype session. We will set up a solid time next week but we should plan on like 7 pm my time. 

I love you all and I am so proud to call all of you family. You are doing amazing things out there. 
Keep the emails and the Prayers coming. They do wonders! 

Love you. Frohe Weihnachten. 

Elder Anderson

I'm adding pictures that were sent to me by another Frankfurt Missionary Mom.  I love it when people share pics of our Missionary! - Lia a.k.a. Momma

I loved that every Missionary in this picture is using his camera!  Elder Nik is the one with his back to us and the grey coat.

I LOVE this picture!  It makes me happy!

Good to see him dressing warm.  I hope he doesn't get sick again.

A little frisbee in the park.
 Good to see that they take advantage of their time set aside to have some fun.

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