Monday, August 4, 2014


First pic is Elder McGinn and I at the temple.
(Elder McGinn was Nik's Trainer when he first arrived in Germany)


This week was beautiful. Not only was the weather beautiful, but man, I had an absolute blast this week. It was super busy and full of good times. 

So we went to the temple this last week which was awesome. I haven’t been since my first cycle in Solingen. It’s been seriously nearly a year! I’m super thankful though, there are missionaries in the world that probably never get the chance to go to the temple. 

The session itself was awesome. The spirit that you feel in the temple is amazing, I love it. It is so peaceful in there and it is an amazing place to just meditate and ponder. It’s nice to just be able to pull away from everything and focus on what really matters. 

So, cool story, we went with our District to the temple. We get there and go into the dressing room and guess who's there?! The Frankfurt Missionaries! It was way solid seeing Elder McGinn and Elder Emery at the temple. We took some mission family pictures! 
Our District at the temple.

Elders Kitchen and Lovelace.
So while we were at the temple, we found out that we were needed at transfers the very next day at like 7 in the morning to pick up the new Goldens and take them out. Haha, we had no idea that was the plan because no one had let us know. So we canceled all of our stuff for the next 3 days and packed up and went to Frankfurt for the night. I slept over at Elder McGinn, Elder Kitchen and Elder Lovelace's place. (They were serving as a Drit companionship). I didnt really know Kitchen or Lovelace beforehand, but they are awesome guys! Love them. 

So for the Next couple of days we drove the transporter around picking up luggage and Goldens and going on Finding splits with them. It was awesome, I was on a split with a Golden named Elder Taylor. We were on the Füß in Frankfurt just contacting people. After getting rejected a few times we went up to this Group of guys and started talking … 5 minutes later we handed out 5 Books of Mormon to all of them!! It was so cool, Goldens are awesome and the excitement they bring is a game changer. 

It sounds like you guys had a blast in Yellow Stone! I wanna go there after my mission. Haha, Dad, your beard is awesome. You should come and pick me up with one! Haha, Everyone thinks it’s way cool. And Mamma and Dad, You guys are looking pretty good!! Keep doing whatever you guys are doing. And Kowhai, how are you doing?! Been on any dates? Are you excited for this up and coming school year? I have the best family in the world. I love you guys so much!! Thank you for everything! 

Bis nächste woche!! 

Love Elder Anderson! 

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