Monday, August 25, 2014

Mission Führung‏

"Mission Tour" 

Dear Loved Ones,

This was a fantastic week in the Frankfurt Germany Mission. Highlight of my week was waking up at 4:30 to catch a train to Düsseldorf for our Mission Tour Conference with Elder Patrick Kearon of the First Quorum of the 70. Before the meeting all of the Zone Leaders from Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Wiesbaden/Mainz got to meet with him for a little bit. It was so cool and there was such an awesome spirit as he thanked us all for our service. He told us our most important job is to Love. Love the people we serve and teach. Love the missionaries that we serve. Just love. 
He also told us Präsident Monson himself said that he loves us and that he was told specifically to tell us that. 
Elder Kearon is the MAN! He is so cool. He is from London England and he was such an example for me. He is so strong in the gospel, but as he was teaching us he was himself. He was laughing and making jokes. 
I love the church, but something that has always been a little tough for me was the self righteousness that can sometimes surface. Ya know what I’m saying? The times when people think that to be spiritual you have to be stern and stone faced. 
Elder Kearon preached so hard about just being yourself. He said if you are following the commandments of God and you love other people, then you are in a good place. It was funny too, he said being obedient is such an important thing in the eternities. He said, "Be obedient! But please don’t be one of those annoying naggy obedient people." 
He also dropped a few jokes in British humor. (You know what I’m talking about) haha. It was so funny to look around as he made some of his jokes! 

He also talked a lot about attacking your day. He talked about how every single moment of every day is a gift from God. He encouraged us to be happy. Enjoy life. Focus on the good and give our all in all that we do! 
Aghh, such a funny and seriously spiritually uplifting day and week it was. 

The mess in the AP van!
And then afterwards, haha, some missionaries in the Zone made a mess in the back of the AP van. It was pretty funny. They missed their train and so the hopped in the van because the APs were going to drive them to the next station so they could catch it. So when they hopped in the van they accidentally sat on these massive jars of salad dressing which exploded everywhere. It’s one of those things where you had to be there. So funny. I’ll include a pic of me in front of the van. 

Later on in the week we had another MLC in Offenbach. Elder Kearon also attended that. It was awesome to learn from him again and to see all my homies from across the mission! 

Präsident Stoddard also talked a lot at our MLC. The spirit was so strong when he spoke. He told us that his father had just died the day before. And he bore testimony on families and the eternities. It really made me think about how much I love you guys. Thank you so much for everything that you do. You people are my best friends in the Universe. I mean it! I am so happy that I get to spend an eternity with YOU! 

Really cool thing happened on Sunday. A man named Herr Schneider came to church in the middle of Sacrament. We had never met him before. He asked us to pray with him for a friend of his that had just passed away. He said He believed in God but didn’t know where to look. He felt like after his friend passed away he should come and visit our church and find someone to pray with him! We are going to be meeting him again this week! Pray for him! Also, Bianca is doing well. We are still trying to find people that can translate Romanian for us so that we can communicate more clearly. 

I am so happy. Life is great. I’m loving it! Thanks for all that you do! 


Elder Nikora Philip Anderson 

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