Monday, August 11, 2014

Iron Man!

Iron Man! 

This week was a fun week in Wiesbaden. They had this huge Iron Man race here. The Marathon Runners ran right by our house so I got to see a bunch of people running their race! It made me a little nastolgic! Haha, It just brought back memories of watching you guys run your races! It also made me want to go for a run. But the problem there is that there really isn’t enough time to run on the mission. Haha.

We had a really cool experience this last week. We had lost contact with our Romanian Investigator for a little bit because she was rushed into the hospital to get a C section. So after not seeing her for a little bit we had the feeling to just go to a random Hospital and see if we could do some service there. We go there, walk in the front door and guess who we see?! Bianca, our investigator! It was a cool experience!  

This last week we went and played soccer with a big group of people on the American base called Clay Kastern. It was a really good time. 

The area is doing really well and I am still just loving life! Thank you guys for your continual support. You are all amazing! I love you all. 

Sorry this week is a little bit shorter, but I gotta go! 

Love you, 

Elder Anderson

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