Monday, July 28, 2014

Noch einer!‏

"Another one!" 

So the results of this last transfer are in! I’m staying in Weisbaden another transfer with Elder Schmidt and continue serving as a Zone Leader. Haha, I’m really excited for it. This area is sweet and the other missionaries here are awesome. Have you guys noticed the pattern in my mission? I go 1 transfer with a companion and then 2 with the next. I went 1 with Elder Muller and then 2 with Elder McGinn and then 1 with Elder Brown and then 2 with Elder Ruff, etc. Haha it’s pretty funny. Everyone thought that when I was training Elder Brande my pattern would be broken. Nope, just kept on goin 1. 2. .. 

This last week was good, but tough. Elder Schmidt was sick for a few days and then on the second day I got the sickness too. So we just sat around throwing up for 4 days this week, haha. 

I started reading the Book of Mormon again a few days ago. That book is so amazing. I love it. It was really inspiring to see the prophecies of Lehi as he is talking to their sons about the Promised land and  all that will happen there. I love the Book of Mormon. I have gained such a deep respect for that Book since being a missionary. I have also gained such a huge respect for the Prophet Joseph Smith. He is the man. How amazing is his history? I always thought he was a really good and holy man. But this last week as I was sick I studied a ton about the life of Joseph Smith. What an inspiration, I love him and I can’t wait to see him on the other side and just thank him. And also, can’t forget the Savior Jesus Christ. I read a talk titled "His Grace is Sufficient" while I was sick. It just talked about how the grace of the Savior covers everything. I highly recommend it. 

It was no fun being sick, but it was really an awesome experience to just read and study the Gospel and the life of Joseph Smith. 

OOhh, tomorrow I get to go to the temple. I’m so excited. It has been since last September since I was able to go through. We are going with the Wiesbaden District. I am so excited!! 

The pictures you guys sent me are beautiful. Thank you ! And have fun and be safe in Yellow Stone. 
Thank you guys for all that you guys do! 

You guys should tell me about your testimonies and how you gained that testimony. I would like that :) 

I love you guys, 


Elder Anderson

PS, I need to take more pictures! But my camera is out of memory. I need to buy a new SD card. Also, My shoes and the soles of my shoes got ripped apart, haha. I need to buy some new ones. I love you guys !


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