Monday, February 10, 2014

Letze Woche‏

"Last week"

Wow, this transfer is almost done. Like The Passover and The Call (Frankfurt Mission Lingo) are this week . 

This transfer is going to be another really interesting one for me because no matter what I am getting a new companion. Like I have said before, Transfer week is awesome, there is just change in the air, and in the life of a missionary, a little change to spice things up is usually welcome.

I am really enjoying Erfurt, I am learning a ton and I am really excited for the progress and the work that will take place here next cycle.  Its been good working with Elder Gamble, he is a really good guy.

Also, sorry I don’t have any pictures this week! I keep forgetting my camera cord to download them to the computer!! Aghhh!

So this last week I was in Nordhausen on a Split, and I ate the best Pizza I have ever eaten. One day we all have to go to this place and eat the pizza. Super good.

Marcel wasn’t able to meet this last week because he is busy prepping for his tests. So hopefully this week we will be able to snag him and share some more gospel truth!

To be 100 percent honest, nothing really happened this week. It was a little bit slower , but hey, it happens sometimes! I’m still super stoked to be in this awesome area and help it out the best that I can!

Sorry this weekly letter is a little bit shorter, but I gotta go and catch a train to Jena, our whole Zone is getting together to go bowling :) yay fun!

But keep the prayers coming guys, and thank you all for everything that you do. Seriously, you guys are the best! Being on the opposite side of the world from the people that I love the most has really opened up my eyes and helped me to see how much you guys really mean to me!!

Gotta go now!

I love you all!

-Elder Nikora Philip Anderson

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