Monday, September 2, 2013

Servus Bayern‏

So this week has really been a fantastic week. Miracles galore. And guess what? I am no longer a Golden. I am just a regular missionary. The new Goldens leave the MTC tomorrow morning. I have learned so much this transfer and I love my comp and mission dad Elder McGinn. We have seen so much success and the Lord has really blessed us here. Wow, I have been in the field for 3 months now. Erlangen feels like a home away from home now. 

So, I'm just gonna take ya through some of the really cool things that happened this week. 

This week me and Elder Haskel were on a split. And we had some down time, and we decided to go and do some Fuß contacting. Fuß contacting is when you go and walk the Fuß and try and talk to people and share the gospel. Every city has a Fuß. And a Fuß is just a long road where there are tons of shops. But no cars are allowed. Just walking... on your feet. Hence the reason it is called a Fuß. Fuß means foot. Haha. But yeah, we went Fuß contacting, we weren't seeing much success, so we decided to go into Schloss Garten. That means castle garden. Its the main park in Erlangen. We walked through and found two teenage girls sitting down, we started talking to them. We were able to teach them a little about our church and we taught them that they have a Heavenly Father that loves them. Then we gave them both a Book of Mormon and a Plan of Salvation booklet. We call that dropping BoMs. So we dropped a couple of BoMs on them. But to make it even better, they asked if we could meet up again and teach them even more! So they are gonna be taught some lessons!

Next cool thing was Sport Day on Friday. We have had a really cool experience every week holding a little bit of a sporting activity every Friday at 14:00! This week was good because we had our normal buddies come along. Their names are Dennis and Tom. These kids are the coolest guys in the world. I love them so much. They are just a couple of 16 year old kids that we met at a Basketball court a few months ago. Over time we have continually gotten closer to them. Just great kids. We bore testimony about the church a while ago. They thought we were crazy, haha! So we have just been working on being friends with them. Great kids. Hopefully they will accept the gospel at some point in the future. 

So we were going through the former investigator book and decided to go and visit some of the people! We went by to see a man named Issac. He was really open and let us teach him a fantastic lesson. We asked him why he hadn't seen the missionaries for a while, he said he didn't know! He loved our church and then one day they just stopped coming. So Sad!! So we got another legit Investigator! He loved us so much he said that he loves to share and so he asked if he could give us a pumpkin! Haha, Great guy. Issac is a homie!  

Next cool thing was DDM. Im not sure what DDM stands for. But it means district meeting. we had a great District meeting and I gave a Thema or lesson on the importance of knowledge. So that was cool. But what made it really cool was after DDM we went to Vapianos, a pizza place, as a District. I love our District and the friends that I have made here! It was sorta bitter sweet because it was the last time a lot of us will be together! 

So church this week, it was really cool . Every week we have a couple of people that speak English. And so someone has to translate for them. Guess what??? I translated this week for them. I had to get a microphone and translate what the Germans were saying into English, it was a really fun experience! 

After Church, we had a lesson with Katia! Guess what? We taught her about faith in Jesus Christ and all that good stuff. And then I felt prompted to ask and invite her to be baptized. So, it was so scary, but finally I just spat it out and was like "Katia, will you show your faith in Jesus Christ and be baptized a member of our church by someone holding the proper priesthood authority?"  And guess what?!! She said yes! She is going to be baptized on September 28th! Aghhh, I am so happy! Katia is an amazing girl and it has been so great getting to know her! Aghh I got a commitment in my Golden Cycle, in the oh so tough Deutschland! Me and McGinn are just stoked! 

Ohhh yeah just one last thing. Guess what? I'm bouncing on up to Solingen! I got the call so I'm being transferred up there on Mittwoche "Wednesday". Cool thing about this though. Remember my Best Friend from the MTC, Elder Hawker? He is in Köln! So we are in the same district! Also, remember Elder Muller from the MTC, my comp? Guess where he got assigned?! Solingen same city as me! So this is gonna be a crazy fun transfer! I am so grateful for all that I have learned down here in Erlangen. I love the ward and the people in it. This has been a great home for the last 3 months! But Servus Erlangen, Servus Bayern. Time to move on to Solingen. "I'll go where you want me to go Lord". Even if it's hard cause it just got super successful and we got a baptismal date as soon as I am leaving! Happens though and I know that Elder McGinn will take care of this area. I was so lucky to have that guy train me. He is awesome, has such a strong testimony and I love him like a brother! 

Servus , I love you guys! 

Elder Anderson

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