Monday, September 9, 2013

The Promised Land

Elder Anderson and Elder McGinn with Katia and her Uncle's family.
 Katia is the first person Elder Anderson challenged to  baptism and accepted.

Dear Loved Ones,

Oh my goodness, I cant even tell you how much I love what has happened this transfer! I moved up to Solingen, no problems there. Also, I got my packages from the office when I went through Frankfurt! Thank you so much for the stuff, it was awesome ! But oh my goodness....

We left Frankfurt and I rode the train up to Düsseldorf with Hawker and Muller! I met my new comp at the Hauptbahnhof in Düsseldorf (which is a huge city, even bigger than Frankfurt). So, met Elder Brown at the train station! I love that kid. He is so cool and he has a lot of the same interest as I do! Love the kid!! The area is awesome too. The Solingen apartment is so great, right in the middle of the city. We walk outside and we are in the middle of the City shopping Centre! 
Elder Varney and Elder Anderson.
Their girlfriends were room mates at BYU!

I also love my Zone. Right now we are all emailing as a zone in Düsseldorf, then we are going out to have fun!!! I just really love this place! 

First day in church was really fun. I gave a testimony to introduce myself. My German is really picking up! It is crazy the progress I have made in just one week!  

Sorry there isn't much to say this week.  Just really getting settled in. But know that I love the area and the people in it and my comp is a champ! 

We have a few investigators that we have met with! Its pretty great, the work out here is gonna be great! 

I love you guys!! Talk to ya next week! 

LOVE Elder Anderson

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