Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Menschen Kinder - This Week

Hey loved ones, 

Wow this has been one of those weeks. I am absolutley loving life. But you know those weeks or days where you just gotta stop and say, "Really??? Like, for reals, why!?" That was this week at some points. I am loving Solingen and my comp Elder Brown, such a cool kid, he loves politics too. Me Brown, Hawker, McGinn and some others are planning a trip to New Zealand in a couple of years. It'll happen.  

MONTAG!! So, last monday we went up to Dusseldorf, looked around and chilled with the zone. Dusseldorf zone is the most populated zone in the mission. Just one continual group of cities. I like it. Nürnberg was so pretty and well kept. You might compare it to Salt Lake but bigger so sorta maybe a Boston just clean and pretty. And then Dusseldorf is just boom gigantic, Got Köln and Düsseldorf lookin sorta like a New York. Just huge and bumpin. The two biggest cities in the mish both a 20 min train ride away. Pretty cool! 

DEINSTAG. First termin of the day we met with this guy named Bernd. Way cool, super less active. We go there to take German lessons cause he is a German proffessor. He also knows 16 languages. The guy is brilliant. But yeah that was way cool. He sorta has a strong dislike for the gospel so he won't let us share a message. But its good that we are able to meet with him! After that we had a couple more appointments. They were far away, so we are walking out there and then it just starts pouring rain! Aghhh and then the termins "appointments" fell out and we were just soaked. So we were like, "lets do go byes". We did that for 5 hours and got into 1 house. Met with Marcel, told us we could come back so that was cool. We shared Nephi 2:25 with him and told him, "Be thou happy." 

Random rant section.. OMGüte . So the German is actually coming along really well. I can teach and ask questions and converse with people. But man. Learning a language and living that language litterally everday and having to talk to people all day every day in that language. Easily one of the hardest things of my life. It is gonna be so good for me. But there are just some times where I'm just like mensch. Why cant I be serving in California or something! But really, its building character and it really is streching me which is good! Starting to have dreams and think in German, so its coming! Its so cool that Tahei, Teina and I are all gonna learn a language! That will be cool to have family testimony sessions and throw down some mad Deutsch, Ukrainian and Ceubano. So yeah langauge, tough. But so wonderfully good for me ! 

MITTWOCHE_ Did some more go byes . Met with this like 100 year old guy named Bro Olbert or BROLBS for short. Im learning to like old people out here. They are the nicest people to us! Haha. He was alive for WW2, except he doesn't really talk and we asked him to open with a prayer and it took him a good 15 min, cause he would start and say "unser geliebter himmlischer vater" and then he would forget that he was praying and then doze off and then remember he was praying and start over. It was pretty funny. We left to go to some appointments. It started raining really hard again. And then guess what. They all fell out. And then no one answered phones so we just did doors for ever! Yay, haha!  

DONNERSTAG- Had a cool DDM with the district. I love District meeting. We litterally have the coolest district in the entire mission. We have been told that by many people. And its true. Love them. After the meeting we always go out to lunch together! So that was good. Then after that, guess what?!! Our appointments for the next 5 hours cancelled. Yup, and then it rained and we got soaked. Exactly what we needed. Then our fridge broke and my ice cream melted. Damit. Its ok "damit" in German means " so that " so " ich habe das buch mormon gelesen damit ich  die geist spuren kann" means i read the book of mormon so that i can feel the spirit. So that was pretty rough, but all is good cause then we went to a members house and they gave us a referral and said we could teach in their house! Then our investigator Andreas texted us and said he spent his sick week reading the entire Book of Mormon and he said he knows it's true and he wants to be baptized! Cooool! 

FREITAG!! Met with some way cool members. First was a less active named Stan the man. And his son Chicken George. He is pretty funny. Love him . Tried to sell us a Hitlers youth knife. Haha. After that we met with Uwe und Nadja. Way cool and really excited about the work. They wanna come and do a street preach with us!! After that we had our weekley coordination meeting with the other Solingen Elders. We ate pizza and talked about how we could help strenghthen the Lords church out here! Good time.

SAMSTAG`!`! Had the Gemeinde Sommer Fest, or ward summer party. It rained and it was cold but we had fun.  Got to know the ward a little better. 

Then yesterday we went to church and chilled, then went to a families for dinner, then made some brownies!! Good day! 

If I have learned anything this week it is patience and the need to laugh at stuff! 

All in all a good week!! 

Love you guys,
Elder Anderson 

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