Monday, September 23, 2013

Solingen, Solingen, Solingen

Elder Anderson makes reference to the phrase "Servus".  He explained it in an earlier letter, but as a reminder I've added the definition on the left.  I like that he's chosen it to be his "thing". - Mom

Servus Loved Ones, 

(Even though I am no longer in Bayern, I still use Servus, it’s sorta like my thing now) 

This week was a really good one! I’ve learned a ton and we made a ton of progress! I really am liking Solingen and all that it has to offer me! Solingen and the Düsseldorf Zone are just the coolest places !  I love my comp Elder Brown and this Ward is soo great! This week we made 9 member appointments! For Germany that is a ton. And it is really good for this ward, especially considering what it was like when I got here! Side note: When I got here the ward did not like missionaries very much because of some stuff that had been going on. But now it is going great. You get transferred places for a reason. And I think that was a big reason I was sent up here. Elder McGinn trained me really well on how to work well with the ward and have them like you. As of now, I would say that the ward likes us a lot! 

So every week we try to just pack our days with tons of member appointments. Last week we met with a ton of people and shared a small spiritual thought about the importance of member missionary work. We were at one appointment and we were like, after all that we have said, do you have anybody we can teach? And he was like, “Yup”. He hopped on World of Warcraft and talked to one of his buddies through the computer and asked if he wanted to meet with missionaries! He said yes and then next thing you know we are in Sebastian’s house givin’ the dude a lesson. 

Help the missionaries at home out!! Since being here I’ve seen how hard it is to be a missionary working with members. Don’t be that wallflower family that missionaries don’t go to for help. I challenge you guys to be the family that seeks out the missionaries and invites them over to dinner. Be the family that opens up the house for teaching opportunities. Be the family that the missionaries feel like they can always call. I promise you, you will make such a difference in those missionaries mission. I cannot even tell you how grateful I am to people that really help us out like that. Also, go to the Ward mission Leader and ask what you can do to help him out.  I am dead serious about this. Haha!

My German is coming along great. Just sent President Schwartz my first nür Deutsch letter. That means the entire thing was in German. Holy cow, can you believe it though, like I am learning another language! I think about that and it still blows my mind. I remember opening my call and seeing that I would be speaking German, and, not gonna lie, I was like, “ahhhhh crap”. But its coming along quite nicely!

The work is going great and seriously life is good!! I like living in the hood of our mission. Literally though we live in the very center of Solingen. Haha! It’s nothing really like the rolling Green hills of Erlagen, but I love it and it is where the Lord wanted me ! 

The spiritual message of the day, is  Mosiah Kapital 2 verse 17 und es sagt :
17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.
Been sharing that a ton this week. Telling people in the ward that a great way to serve other people is sharing the gospel. And service is good!! So, be service oriented people and share that gospel! 

I gotta go partake in some P day festivities now, but just know that I love you guys so much! And I am so grateful for all that you guys do for me!! 

Servus with Love, 

Elder Nikora Philip Anderson

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