Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Week as a Golden

Dearest Loved Ones,

Wow, ok, it's here, my last week as a Golden! Coming this Saturday we will have a conference call and we will find out where our journey is going to continue! Since I am a Golden and Elder Mcginn is a trainer, one of us will definitely be transferred out! So this week is going to be a really exciting week. I feel like I will probably stay and Elder McGinn will bounce, since it will be my first transfer as a normal Elder! It will be crazy to see who I am put with. I hope its an Elder from my MTC group, I love those guys! Aghhh, I wish you guys could feel the excitement of this week. All people talk about the last week of transfers are transfer calls! Everyone is making predictions and guesses as to where everyone will end up. Conference calls are pretty cool, we call into this conference call and all 250 missionaries are on there and they share some spiritual thoughts and then they go through every area telling people they will be staying or training or moving across the mission. You find out on that phone call, it is pretty crazy, one phone call and you could be packing your bags your life and then moving to the other side of the mission, some instances that is like 500km away, to a brand new home! So yup, transfer calls this week, it'll be fun!

This week has been really awesome, we began teaching this girl named Katia. She is a member referral, so that makes it even more special. We are able to teach her in a member home and use them as a resource in teaching. We taught her the first lesson this Friday, we watched the restoration dvd, made them all cry and then we taught the lesson. Then this Sunday, she came to church and we taught her the plan of salvation. I think it is really going well. She is making a ton of progress!

As far as Investigators go, that is about it. We have 17 potential Investigators, kids and people that we stay in regular contact with. The hard part here, is 1 getting people to talk to us. Germans in general are more closed off, and then second, once we do become friend with them, how do we bring up the gospel with out them dropping us! Haha. So keep the people out here in your prayers, pray that they will be more receptive to our message! Haha! I love this. This is preparing me so much for life . Our mission is rated as one of the top 3 toughest missions in the world when it comes to the numbers and stats .   Not many other people in the world will be able to say they were on that German Grind!

Kowhai is starting school soon?! Aghhh, I am so proud of her and the person that she is becoming. She will do so great!

I love you guys!!

Next week will be longer!! Love Elder Anderson!!

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