Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Week!

Hey Loved Ones!

This week has been a good one. And we made a ton of progress! Thanks for your e-mails and sending me packages and everything!
Things are going much better this week. Not gonna lie though, the last little while has been some of the hardest moments of my life! Haha.  Just the language barrier and everything and missing home. I just let it build up and it finally got me . But seriously, The Hardest Steel is Made in the Hottest of flames. Remember that.  When ever a tough time comes along it is for your benefit. Be it physical or emotional pain. Time does pass and things do get better and you will come out of it a stronger person. I also know that attitude and mindset is everything.  I just gotta put a smile on when the times get tough and keep moving forward! 

So this week has been awesome, we were walking around Erlangen and we walked by a big Freemason lodge.  It was cool, it had this big gold compass and square out front and a big golden pyramid out front. So I was curious and walked around to this door on the back and walked in to the really nice room and then a guy came out and asked me what I was doing and I told him I was looking around and so he was like cool and told me all about it and took me back into this big meeting room and told me some of the stuff they do in there then I asked what was upstairs and he said we couldn't go up there cause those were the ceremony rooms and everything and I had to be part of the brotherhood to join. It was pretty cool and it was quite adventurous! We had a conversation before I left and we talked about what Freemasons do and everything and he told me about it and yeah. Nice guy, Charlie was his name!
Then right after this we were walking through the streets, and we walked by this Aroma Garten thingy. And I wanted to check it out so we walked through it and then this guy named Boris come up to us and just starts talking and telling us his life story. He says he used to drink 15 beers a day but that made his life suck so he started coming to the aroma garten to think and ponder and try and get a better life. We told him about our church gave him ein Buch Mormon!  He liked it, then he asked if we could pray for him right there so my comp Elder Mcginn threw down a really cool prayer that brought Boris to tears!! So remember Boris in your prayers. Hopefully we will make some progress with him!! 

I just wanted to tell you guys really quick that this church is true.  Joseph smith really did see God the Father and his son our Savior Jesus Christ!  That is why I am out here, the Book of Mormon is the word of God and he loves all his children and wants all of them to be able to return to him.

I love you guys!  Thank you again for everything!  Love you all! 

Love Elder Anderson!  

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