Monday, March 2, 2015

Jena. Wunder sind heir‏

"Jena. Miracles are here"

Servus Familie und Freunde,

What a week. You might be noticing that this week’s emails are coming in a little bit later than usual this time. That’s because we just got back from a service project. One of our members said that they would contact the city offices to see if there was any service that we could do for them. We were notified a couple of days ago that there was an opportunity for us to go to a Sprache Schule " Language School " for little kids and move some stuff around for them.
We met our member Ralph (who is the coolest) and drove on over to the school. After which we spent our morning and early afternoon just helping them move all of their desks and cabinets upstairs. It was a really great work out. I got a little sweaty. And since we just came from there, I am sitting here typing you a letter in my sweat clothes. yum. Haha.
It was great, we moved all the stuff upstairs and then they made us some lunch and what not. It was so sweet of them!
Towards the end they wanted us to see if we could move a giant safe upstairs. Oh my goodness. That was crazy. It was a safe about 4 feet high and it weighed what felt like 1,000,000 pounds. So, imagine 7 guys just grunting and screaming trying to get this safe up 2 sets of stairs. Hahahaha.
Good times.
We also met a bunch of really cool people there today. There was a big group of kids about our age that showed up to help as well. So we got in touch with some of them. We shall see what happens. They were really good people!

Through out the rest of the week we saw a ton of other miracles. We have seen a ton of success with our English class. We have been able to continually have new people show up to that. And since it is in the church, we are able to easily talk about the church and the gospel with out making them feel uncomfortable.
This last week our good friend, Farooq, became an investigator and we found him by inviting him to English class! Super cool, right? He is from Pakistan and is really interested with what we believe in. Pray for him. He is a really good man.

Also during this week, we were able to meet with our buddy Gustavo! It was his birthday. So we thought we would take him out to get some nice Mexican food (he is from Colombia). We got there and the place was all full and you needed reservations. Then we tried 3 other restaurants and all of them had the exact same story! Aghhhhh. So, good thing Gustavo is a trooper because after walking around for an hour trying to find a place to accommodate us, we ended up getting him some McDonald's! Hahahahahah, Happy Birthday.

Wow great week. We haven’t had people show up to church yet, but we sure are trying! Keep us in the prayers. Elder Kenley is doing great and we are having a grand time here in good ole Jena! We should go to Alaska some day. He has a bunch of pics and it looks beautiful!

I just wanted to share real quick something that I have learned the last little bit. And that is that god is there and he is always aware of you and will help you when you need it. And sometimes he teaches you things through ways you were not expecting to be taught. But these last few weeks in Jena have really shown me that god loves me and that as we pray to him he will listen. When looking for answers, we need to keep our eyes, hearts and souls open. Because we wont always get the answer in the places we looking for them.

Well, shoot, I gotta get heading!  But I love you guys so much! Hopefully it gets warm before I get home .. You know how I like my warm. :) haha

Love you,

Elder Nikora Anderson

Ps. 5 weeks and 4 days. But who is counting ! ;)

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