Monday, February 23, 2015

Es rieslet im Gemäuer‏

Playing some soccer with other Elders in the Zone!
"It trickles in the walls"
"The beginning of the End" ...Idiomatic phrase. 

Servus Euch! 

Here I go, the last six weeks of the mission! Crazy stuff. As I predicted earlier, Elder Kenley and I will be staying together here in Jena. I’m super happy about that. Jena is such a great city, good place to finish up. And I’m stoked that I get to stay the full 12 weeks with my Golden Elder Kenley, he is a stud. We get along really well! 

So this week we had time to find. A lot of time. Its kinda rough because everyone here is a Uni student and all the finals were going on the last couple of weeks. So that made it kinda hard to get into contact with people because they were all studying up for finals and they had no time to meet with us. Finals should be done and finished sometime this week! FINALLY! And the work should really pick up then! 

This week we were going back to our apartment to eat lunch. We live on the 9th floor, so we hopped in the elevator. At about the 5th floor, it just broke and stopped moving. We were stuck in there for a little over an hour. It’s a small elevator. Made for a really great memory though, haha. The workers pried the door open then we had to climb out on a ladder. You should have been there, it was hilarious. 

We are still in contact with Priscilla. She was in Switzerland this week, so we weren’t able to meet, but we should be seeing her this week! She also said that she would come to church! I’m really excited for that. 

Thank you guys for your emails and your thoughts, prayers and love! You are amazing! I love you guys. 

Elder Anderson.

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