Monday, March 23, 2015

Legendäre Woche‏

"Wanna see some Michael Jackson dance moves?" Our hike in Jena with Farooq and Leila! 
"Legendary Week"
Hiking with the crew.

What a week. Oh my goodness, what a week.

Servus Euch,

This week was just one of those weeks that I will never ever forget. I don’t think I have smiled and laughed as much as I have this last week as I have in any other week these past two years. Legendary week.

So, I don’t think I have time to include all of the itsy bitsy details, but I’ll do the best that I can. Then you can just ask me about it in 17 days. < That felt really good to type. Haha.

But, back to the best week ever. I am really so blessed to be finishing the mission here in Jena with my boy Kenley.
Elder Kenley and I climbing giant trees on our hike. This was taken from Elder Kenley's tree. 

So on Monday, we decided to take a week off of chilling with other missionaries and we went on a hike with our buddies Leila and Farooq. And that was so much fun. We climbed trees soaked up the sun and had some good life (gospel) talks!! Later that day we were able to get Farooq and Leila to both come to FHE! Great day with our Jena homies.
English class with Farooq.

The dinner/game party that Elder Kenley and I threw! 
Then Dienstag. We had some German class with Gustavo. He is a really kind and helpful guy. We go and he teaches Elder Kenley German.
Later that day we went and had English class. It was Leila’s last week there because she is moving up to Dortmund. So we had a good time saying goodbye and speaking English! And it was cool, she sang Elder Kenley and I a song at the end as a goodbye!

So Wednesday! Great day as well. We tried to play match maker here in good ole Jena. We invited Eleen and Ian, 2 of our YSAs to a dinner hosted by us! It ended up being half of the Ward that showed up. It was way fun. And it was good because Farooq was able to watch the Restoration with us and Ian helped us teach him! It went great!!

Our boy Farooq talking to some girls in the park. Hahahahaha.
So yeah! Life is good. Through out the rest of the week we saw even more and more success and we were able to meet with Farooq every single day!!

We also got to go and do this way cool service project. We went and helped this guy that bought an old warehouse. We cleaned it out and moved things around. He is turning it into a club. So that will be pretty tight!!

And wow! I am out of time, I best be heading on out. I love you guys and I’ll be seeing you really soon. Makes me happy :)

I love you all! Thank you for your emails.

Elder Nikora Anderson

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