Monday, February 16, 2015

Letzte Woche in dieser Versetzung‏

More spinny fun.
The Crew!
"Last week in this Transfer!"


Wow, time is flying by. Can you believe that a week from today I will already be starting my last transfer? This has been a great transfer and things are really rolling out nicely here in Jena.
Trying to stay balanced on
this spinny thing in the city

If I was a betting man, I would bet 110% is the likelihood of staying another one with Elder Kenley. I’m really stoked for it. He is an awesome missionary and we have tons of fun together.

Elders Kenley and Noorda. 
So 5 weeks later! Here we are the last week of the transfer. I’ve learned a ton this last transfer. And we are really getting into the swing of things here in Jena. It’s such a cool city to work in and it reminds me a ton of my First area, Erlangen. With the big University here, it has the same atmosphere. I love it!

So this week we spent a bit of time finding, and on Saturday, Valentines day, we went out and handed out a ton of valentines day cards. It was so funny and it was actually successful!
We stayed up for a long time the night before just cutting out 100s  of hearts. The next morning we just woke up, finished the cards and went and hit it. Just letting everyone know that god Loves them. What made it even  better was Elder Noorda on the guitar playing some suave jams! Hahahaha!
One of our many Valentines.
It reads, "No love? False, God loves you!"
and then it has our contact info on the back.
Haha, so good. 

Man the work is going well. Keep the prayers coming our way, we really appreciate them. 

I love you guys! 

Elder Anderson

Giving our buddy Jon a heart.

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