Monday, February 9, 2015


Us at English Class!

 Hello, hey, hi. I hope that you guys had a fantastic week. We here in Jena sure did.
 Lets see. So I’ll go through some highlights.
 We spent a ton of hours doing doors this week. That was really exciting, We always meet interesting people doing doors and we always walk away with an awesome story or two.
This week we found 3 people just going door to door and student whonheims! It was really good. It is always a confidence boost to find new people. Elder Kenley is doing an awesome job as well. He is, as you well know, very new on the mission. But he goes hard and is doing a really really good job. Love working with him. We have lots of fun and laugh a ton. Laughing is good for you.
 So this week. Funny Story. We were going to do doors in an area that we have been pretty often. We tried to get into this one building but realized that it was locked. We just sorta kicked the ground and thought dang it. How do we get in?! When boom, I had a great idea. We had been in the building right next to it and we saw that there were fire escapes leading into the building that we needed to get to. So We walk over to the other building, this sassy college chick (that we have seen before, she doesn’t like us) stops us and tells us that going and knocking on peoples doors is illegal. (It’s not) And she gets all grumpy and we are just like what ever. So we just walk on in and go through the fire escape into the next building. And start doing doors. Long story short, we look outside, the cops show up and we casually walk out the back door of the building to go home, haha. Great times.
 We also had a way fun English class with Gustavo (a recent convert) and our friends Leila and Nina. We played charades to help them learn English words, I was rolling around laughing, some of the stuff was so funny. I have been so blessed to walk into an area and make so many great friends so quickly.
 Also, this week we had an appointment with this girl named Priscilla. She is from Brazil and is here studying German. We brought along Gustavo (the new member that was baptized by Elder Hawker about a month ago!) And it was such a great experience, at the end she prayed and thanked god for sending us and she said that we were an answer to her prayers because she has been feeling kinda lonely here on the other side of the world with no friends or family. We testified that when  we have the holy ghost, we never need to feel alone. Seriously, just one of those things where you had to be there. It was really powerful!
 Well, that was my week! I love you guys! Thank you for everything! Dad, I’m way happy that you had such a good  Birthday week! Keep the prayers coming!
 I love you guys!

Elder Nikora Philip Anderson

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