Monday, January 5, 2015


Hey, Thank you all for your amazing emails this week! I love you all. 

Dad! Awesome job with Beacon, you are doing amazing things there. And Mamma, you are the best mom in the universe. I hope you know that! Thank you for caring so much. 

I don’t have much time this week. But it was a good start to the new year! I am really loving life. 

Say your prayers on my behalf this week. I find out on Friday if I get to stay in Wiesbaden or not. I have been here almost 8 months so I could possibly be going to one last area! I’m ready for whatever the Lord wants. But I still would love to stay here in Wiesbaden zuhause "home".

I took out a section of Elder Nik's letter here where he just talked about the particulars of school and housing for when he gets home.  Where trying to make sure he has a place to live close to school when he gets home.

It is so great, the freinds that I have made on the mission. So many good people.

Also, I turn 21 in less than 2 weeks. Crazyyyyy! 

Well, I gotta get heading. But I love you guys! 

Elder Nikora Anderson 

PS. Attached pics are from a snowball fight with the Friedrichsdorf Sisters. It was snowing way hard and our little Toyota wasn’t handling it that well, so we stopped in their city to say hey! 

NEXT week you guys will get a nice long email from me!! I love you all!! 

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