Monday, January 19, 2015

Meine Dritte Whitewash!‏

Elder Kenley, Elder Hawker, Me and Elder Ball 
"My Third Whitewash!"


Wow, time is flying by. Here I am now writing you from Jena. 350 km from where I was writing you guys last week. I’m really loving it here and stoked on the fact that I came into the mission on a Whitewash and I will be ending it on a Whitewash. A ton has happened this last week, so stay with me as I go through some of my week.

Well, at the beginning of the week, I had some final goodbyes in Wiesbaden. I love that place. We will be going back there for sure to see some people when you come to pick me up. Man, I got so close to that ward and that area. It felt so weird to leave, but I know that God wants me where I am now.

The day came and on Wednesday we packed up our stuff and I headed to Frankfurt to have a Trainers meeting after which we got to go and sleep in the Mission Hotel (see you there in a bit, haha). The next day we woke up and we got to go and meet with Präsident Stoddard. Really great guy. There he paired us up with our Golden.  I was paired with... drum roll........ Elder Kenley. He is from Alaska and his favorite color is blue.
He is an awesome kid and I am really excited to work with him my last two transfers. We are gonna get some good work done here.

After the pairing meeting we made our way to Bahnhof to meet, mix and mingle with everyone for a couple of hours. It was great getting to see everyone there. There were a ton of people from the Family Friedrichsdorf there and I had a ton of great goodbyes. I seriously loved the zone. Great memories there.

So yeah. the ride up to Jena lasted about 3 hours in total. Got there. went to our apartment (which is beautiful and in the middle of the city) and set up camp.
We have a TV in our apartment. No worries. Church DVDs only!
These last couple of days have been spent finding and getting to know the city. Jena is a super cool city with a huge Uni.
Our first day at church was a blast. There were 13 people there. A smaller branch, but we will get some more people coming in no time!

Man, keep us in your prayers. We need it. We are happy and we know that the work will progress, we could just use a little aid from on high! Haha!

My 21st Birthday celebration. Ate some Mac and Cheese. Yumm!
(We knew going in to open a new area meant there would be
 no food in the apartment so we sent him a food package for his birthday.
 Cereal, Mac and Cheese, Cake mix and Frosting and cake decorations
so he could make a birthday cake…)
Also, thank you sooooooo much for the birthday package. I got that this Thursday. Thank you for always thinking about me and being so supportive. I love you guys so much. Also, I’m so happy that you guys got the plane tickets and everything worked out! Do we want to work out what we will be doing during our stay, or will we just go with it?

Thank you for everything!  I love you.

Elder Nikora Anderson


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