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Servus Euch, 

Members from good ole´ Weezy.  
(I chose to put this pic up top cause I think it's so awesome!)
Well change was in the air, I could feel it! I have had an amazing run here in Wiesbaden. Almost 8 months later and here I am. I feel good, sad, but good. I am really happy that you guys will be here to pick me up because I told Wiesbaden I would be back in 3 months! This was and is such an amazing ward and area. I bore my Ciao Testimony yesterday in Wiesbaden. My eyes may have been a little watery. What I shared with them I will now share with you... After my time here in Wiesbaden, I am thoroughly convinced that it is not necessarily the things that you do or see in life that will make you who you are and leave the biggest impact. But rather it is the relationships that you develop, the people that you love and create a bond with. That is what life is all about. Loving other people. Accepting them for who they are and just being a good person and building relationships and friendships. I’m gonna miss it here, Wiesbaden has had a ton of great memories. 

 This pic describes the crew perfectly! 
Also, man, I love the Family Friedrichsdorf. We had a super solid Zone Training this past week. We focused it on "Becoming the message and just being yourself." It was great. I really have loved the time that I’ve had to work with all of the missionaries out here. They were all such great examples. The Family Friedrichsdorf is simply put, Amazing! We had such an interesting dynamic out here and there really was such a strong relationship with one another. Great great people. The attached picture of the Zone describes it perfectly. We had a lesson from Elder Ball and Elder Renn, they rolled in dressed as robots. They talked about not being a robot. I loved it, haha. 

Well Shoot. I guess now I can tell you what is happening to me my last 12 weeks! So I will be heading up to Jena (right next to Erfurt) and I will be training again! I’m really excited to go out of the mission leaving all that I’ve got to a Golden. We are gonna go hard! There is a huge University in Jena... And so my Golden and I will be opening up the Jena Uni Elders area. We get to go and work it on the University. (think back 9 months, opening up a Uni area training. Sound familiar? haha) 

Well I am really excited to go and work it up in Jena. I’m gonna go really hard these last 3 months and I am going to really enjoy it. Sometimes change is a little hard, but it keeps you on your toes. Keep me and my future Golden in your prayers. 

I’m super stoked to go and start from scratch and open up in Jena, haha. I was thinking, this is the 3rd time that this has happened on my mission. Elder McGinn and I opened up Erlangen. Elder Brande and I opened up Aachen Uni and now Elder _______ and I get to open up Jena Uni. 
Somebody up top wants me to learn something here! 

But really though, I was thinking about that, this is such good prep for me wanting to go into Entrepreneurship. I am learning how to walk into uncharted waters and make something of it. I’m learning how to start something from scratch. Its really cool. I’m learning how to deal with certain stresses and so forth. Seriously, really excited for the opportunity to go up there and do this. We are gonna Work hard and Play hard! 

Thank you for everything! I love you guys and I am so stoked that you guys will be here to pick me up! We will hear us later. Till next time (in Jena)…

I love you. 

Elder Nikora Anderson 

The Schappats and Sister Müller.
(Sister Muller, dressed in white, and her family hosted Elder Nik and Elder Noorda in their home for Christmas)

Sister Laukel, Sweetest lady. 

Sister Rink, the RS Pres. 

My Homie Karsten 

Bro Gil 

Franz family 

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