Monday, November 10, 2014

Mein Leben ist zur zeit ganz schön!‏

"My life is pretty beautiful right now!"


Hey everybody. This week was a great one. Sooo busy with splits and what not. But seriously, this week was beautiful. 

So, we were supposed to go to Friedrichsdorf for our Zone Training meeting this last week. But DB (DeutscheBahn, the public transport here) decided to go on strike for the week. So that meant no one could make it to the meeting. So we just moved it to this week. 

I went on a split with Elder Ball this last week. Super great guy. We get along really well. And I was also on a split with Elder Christensen out of Friedrichsdorf, also a champ. 

So a few highlights of this week. . . We got 8 new Investigators!!! 

First off in the week, we were meeting with Alin. His Aunt and Uncle were there and so we started to teach them. They really enjoyed our message and really opened up. The lady, Eve, was having a really hard time and she had heard that we have given blessings to other people in the family. So she asked for one and it went so well. They agreed to meet with us some more and really want to find God in their lives. Timmy and Eve. Pray for them. 

Then a few days later we were just doing a few go-byes on less actives. There was a lady raking her leaves so we offered our help. She didn’t need any help but she talked to us for a good 10 min. And then invited us inside to talk with her and her husband. They are Jehovah Witnesses and it made for a pretty intense conversation. But they fed us cake and other goodies and then we exchanged numbers and we will be meeting again hopefully this week! Family Strein. Pray for them. Not yet official Investigators because we didn’t get a solid return appointment. But I think things will go well there.

Next miracle. Family Fingerhut. Went to London for vacation, saw the Book of Mormon musical, got our info and then gave us a ring. They said that the musical was funny and a little crude, but that they felt like there was something more to the story! So we went over and taught them about the Book of Mormon and the Gospel. They loved it and said (with out being asked too) that they would read the entire Book of Mormon before we meet again! 

And then there was the family Hakim. They felt that there were evil spirits in their home and son. They wanted us to come and see if there was anything that we could do about it. We went over and Blessed and Dedicated their home and then gave their son a blessing. Really awesome opportunity. It felt really good in there when we left. The rest of the family asked for blessings as well and  then we got to teach them from the Book of Mormon, they are really excited to learn more.  Seriously love this little family. The kids love us and the mom and dad Herr und Frau Hakim, are so great. I am really excited to meet with them again this week. 
Elder Nik sent a quick P.S. e-mail after this one that said,
 "P.S. I'm literally just about to walk out the door to the Titze house!
On a split here in Wetzlar!"
A while later I got this photo from Lisa Titze on Facebook.  Her caption said,
"Nik says he loves you!"
We met this great family when they came over for General Conference just  before Nik left
 for Germany. We had them over for dinner.  I'm so glad we made that
connection.  They've been looking forward to seeing Nik and having him
over for a long time now.  He was finally in their area today!  I'm so grateful for friends looking out
 for our missionary!

Wanna know the great thing about this week. The families. I’ve been studying a ton about families and the importance of them and what they mean. I’m so glad that families are eternal. And what is really cool, I
is that all of these people that we found this week are tied so close to their families. I’m so glad that I will now get to testify to all of them about the importance of the family. 

So yeah, really really great and crazy crazy busy week. Also have a crazy busy week this week. Pray that I will accomplish everything that God wants me to. 

Thank you all for your e-mails. I love them and I love you. Crazy stuff. Errr-body getting married and what not. Shoooot, I’m getting old. Nahhh, Forever Young! 

I love you guys. 

-Elder Anderson 

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