Monday, November 17, 2014

Ich bin Krank, aber Erfolgereich!‏

Zone Training Selfie
"I am sick, but Successful!"


Hey everyone, yet another Monday. One of my favorite days. Get to email my loved ones! This week was so amazing. Things just worked out really really well. But not gonna lie, I am wasted, super sick. I feel sorta like I just got hit by a truck. I wasn’t feeling too hot a couple weeks ago. And it has just gotten progressively worse .. Schade. But that’s ok. We still went out every day and have just been rocking it. There is so much momentum in our area right now. 

Some of my highlights from this week are: 

Family Friedrichsdorf
1. Zone Training. We had an awesome Zone Training. It was a really good time we got to spend time getting to know everyone and the lessons that we had were wonderful. We had a hilarious finding lesson from the American Elders. They likened finding people to a rodeo. We have a great Zone here and I love serving with all of the people here. The Zone Training was focused on Family. We talked about love and how the power of love will really help people to change and how we need to Love one another. So at the end of Zone Training we had a banner that said "Family Friedrichsdorf". So now, instead of referring to the Zone as a Zone, it is the Family. The Friedrichsdorf Family. It’s working out pretty great right now. 

Zone Training
2. We have 2 baptismal dates coming up in the near future! We invited Timmy and Eve to be baptized on the 20th of Dec. They accepted it and they are really excited. What made this experience cool was the fact that they really want to be baptized and they know some of the things that they will have to change in order to be baptized. Pray for them that they will have the spirit with them and that they will continue to make awesome progress. 
3. We had a couple of awesome street displays this week. One was in Hannau. We saw a ton of success from that. And then later in the week, we had one here in Wiesbaden! So great. We got 2 new Investigators, 6 phone numbers and 10 Books of Mormon given out in just 1 hour!! Goin’ Hard. 

Family, I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for the weekly emails and all the love support and the prayers! 

Thought of this week.. I really learned the importance of just pushing through and working hard to see the miracles even if I feel like death. Haha Also, please pray that Ill be feeling better. I don’t like feeling sick. 

But as always. I am super happy. Not really healthy. And the work is amazing and I love this work. 

I love you, 

Elder Anderson

Street Display in Hannau! 

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