Monday, October 6, 2014

General Konferenz Woche!‏

Pic of the Eazy Wiezzy Crew during Gen Con. 
"General Conference Week!" 

I have really come to love and appreciate General Conference. It is such a wonderful and uplifting time. I learn so much every time it comes around! I still haven’t seen the last session of General Conference yet though. I will be watching that next week in church. 

But from what I have been able to see I really really enjoyed the talks from Elder Cook. How he talked about just taking control of your own life and really just pushing forward in life with a solid goal. 

I also enjoyed the talk from Elder Jörg Klebingat. It was really to the point and inspired me to keep on going on. 

Oh man, and then the talk from Elder Holland about charity and caring for the poor and needy. That one really touched me. Such a solid talk. Made me realize how blessed I am right now and how blessed we as a family have been. Conference was great!!  

I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for everything that you do. Aghhh, General conference weekend always makes me think about you guys a ton. 

MMMMmmmm, do your morning sport…
aha, a little motivational poster in the Friedrichsdorf Appartment. Haha! 
But this last week was a really really good one. We had our first Zone Training meeting with the new Zone. Seriously a solid group of missionaries. Love them. Afterwards I went to Friedrichsdorf on a split with Elder Christensen. Had a really good time. And then afterwards, I went on a split with Elder Swallow in the American area. Both of the splits were super fun. 

Pic of me in Beautiful Wiesbaden  
As far as investigators go, this last week everyone was super busy and so we didn’t get to meet with them. But we stayed in contact and we will be seeing them this week. Also, during my split with Elder Swallow we found us a new Investigator named Landu! Super great. And then during the 2 hour break in General Conference yesterday, Elder Melanson and I went and hit the streets. We found a new girl named Madeline! It was really solid. So we got 2 new people from our own efforts and then we got 2 new Investigators because a Sister in our ward brought them to a YSA activity. So we will now also be teahcing Bibiano and Yammile. 

It was a great week filled with Miracles. Thank you guys for your constant support. You guys are great and I am praying for each of you daily! 

I love you all!! 
Elder Anderson 

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