Monday, October 13, 2014

Es gibt regen draußen‏

"There is rain outside" 

Yay. Rain. Its pretty cool. It will be interesting though, because today we are having a Zone P-day in Königstein. So pray that the rain lets up a little, haha!  

This last week was a really solid one. We were able to meet again with Landu. We talked about the Restoration of the gospel and the Origins of the book of Mormon. It was a really spiritual moment. I got to talk about the first vision with him. He really liked that. But we will need some prayers on his behalf. His father is an Evangelical minister, and so he is super skeptical about the Book of Mormon. Hopefully when he is praying this week he will feel something. But right now we are just working with him to help him gain a solid testimony of the Book of Mormon. 

Also this week, I got to go  on a split with Elder Ball. That was really fun. Elder Ball is a really good guy. Love him. I was up in Solingen when he first came up to the mission over a year ago. Crazy how time flies by. Also crazy how time in the mission can really help people change and become something different.

Aghhh, mom! I don’t have my camera cord on me  right now! Sorry. But I will get you that pic ASAP. I would run back to get it and send it to you but I have to catch a train to Bad Hamborg in a little bit! 

I am doing really well though. I am healthy and learning a lot out here! Thank you guys so much for your continued support. I love you all so much! 

Aghh, Family is seriously everything. I have learned that out here for sure. I am so thankful that I have you guys in my life. 

I have to go. I love you guys! Thanks for everything! I’ll get you the pic ASAP mamma!

Till next time! 

Elder Anderson 

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