Monday, September 29, 2014

Es hat sich aus gewirkt!‏

"It worked itself out!"

Well this week. We were going to church and we didn’t have anyone other than Paulo planning to show up! But guess what? Blanca called at the last minute and said that she wanted to come to church!! She and her brother and sister came! We were worried about her making no progress. But it worked itself out! Super happy abut that! So we had 4 investigators in church. 
AP Split!

I was on the AP split this last week with Elder McGinn. Really fun. Had a great time working with him for the duration of the split! We found a new Investigator together! His name is Thomas. He talked with him for like 30 min and then made out a new appointment. The return appointment later in the week went really well too. It was super powerful. I got to recite the 1st vision too him. That has become one of my favorite things to do as a missionary. The spirit is so strong when you share that with people. 

We also had some super solid lessons with Paulo and Blanca this week. I can feel the prayers. Keep them coming! I love you! Sorry I don’t have much time today, but it was a really really good week! 

Miracles are real. Don’t ever forget that!


- Elder Anderson

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